The Walking Dead Actor Attempts Suicide

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“Walking Dead” actor Markice “Kesan” Moore attempted suicide this past week and left a video explaining why, according to TMZ.


Kesan, who played a prison survivor in Season 3 of AMC’s hit series ‘The Walking Dead’ was reportedly found unresponsive this past Tuesday at his Woodland Hills home by friends after mixing Xanax and Patron, ultimately ODing on the dangerous combination.


Moore, subsequently was rushed to the hospital and placed on a “5150 psychiatric hold”. He has since been released and is now undergoing therapy.

Before attempting to end his life, Kesan recorded a suicide video which outlined his plan to end his life and telling his kids why he wanted decided to take extreme measures.

Moore’s manager told TMZ that the recent death of his grandmother caused him to become  distraught, which may have been the reason why he decided to commit suicide.

If you remember, Kesan got his start on MTV’s reality show “From G’s to Gents” and made a cameo appearance in TI’s ‘ATL’.

We’ll keep Kesan and his family lifted in prayer. Sometimes we don’t know what stars go through behind closed doors. They can have everything in the world but still have nothing at all.

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