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The Woman With a Plan: Kontrol Konversations with Stacy Rose

The Woman With a Plan: Kontrol Konversations with Stacy Rose

Conquering several hats at once and expanding your brand isn’t easy. However, being well versed and educated can help lead you right into the arms of success. HBO’s “Ballers” star Stacy Rose is more than your average television actress. Rose acknowledges the benefits of having an education, training in your craft, and everyday life skills can help conquer your dreams. Rose believes we are all “created on purpose, for a purpose.”  With her positive vibes and uplifting spirit this unique beauty is what we call “the woman with a plan.”

Stacy Rose

If the question were asked where do you see yourself in five years, could you answer it? Better yet, are you currently living in your purpose? “Leaving a legacy,” is the phrase Stacy Rose used to describe her plans for the future. Since the tender age of nine, her vision was to be on the big screen. However, being a native of Kingston, Jamaica, performing arts aren’t exactly appreciated. “Acting was far fetched,said Rose. Her family wasn’t always supportive and her mother instilled education should always come first. Obeying her family’s wishes is what initiated her first plan of action. Rose achieved her Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in International Business and Marketing.

So how did education benefit in the actress career?“It gives you tools that you need, for lifetime work. With the right skills and tools you can always re-event yourself.”

Moving to the United States at age 15 was ideal for the young dreamer. This is where she could take a leap of faith and start working in her purpose. With advancements in her career she finally got the opportunity to prove to her family that she can make an actual career of acting. When asked how her family feels now, she beams and reveals how supportive and proud they are.

Stacy Rose Ballers


Fast forward to today and she is a part of the number 1 HBO’s comedy series “Ballers” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson she states the experience as “Humbling. For so long, I’ve been about the work… I haven’t taken the time to cope with it and become fully engaged in it. Rose also adds that she always has to be on her A game around such a star studded cast “the crew and set itself is amazing. Dwayne is a gentlemen, he’s kind and very positive.” So what’s next for the actress that plays Dr. Robbins? “Dwayne’s character still has issues so he will continue to come back. He trusts her and by trusting in her it will be interesting to see how it all plays out,” said Rose

Even with all the advancements and diversity we’ve seen of female characters as of lately, Rose expressed her thoughts on some of the improvements and setbacks of media. “American media does not understand black women. Someone has to take the first job that is out there to get the opportunities to get other jobs that we would like to do. We stand on their shoulders. Michelle Obama played a significant role in that.” It has been said long ago that women of color have to work ten times harder and maneuver twenty times smarter to receive roles and recognition. Rose says, “Being Christian, I have a different set of standard with the types of roles that we are being offered.” We furthermore asked what could we do to move forward with better opportunities. Rose says, “Improving and Create! Pushing our own work.”

Stacy Rose2

And hold fast to your seats; this is not the last you will see of actress Stacy Rose, it’s merely the beginning. She is currently in post-production in her most recent project, “Break the Stage.” Rose has also jumped behind the scenes as the producer and starred in the film, which is scheduled for a 2017 release.

‘Break the Stage’ is a story about a troubled teen who endure different obstacles while still planning to lead her step team to the National Championship. Rose adds, “It’s a strong message. It will leave you thinking about the decisions you make. Impact people and give christian people an alternative.”  We also asked what role would you like to play next? “A slavery movie. It gives us a healthy understanding of who we are and where we come from.” This conversation was very motivating and intriguing. Rose ended with this message “I have a soft spot for young people. People that have dreams. Keep pushing and have faith. Be prepared.”

We can’t wait to see what else Stacy Rose has in store!

By Leah Gordone


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