The World is Your Runway


Ladies and gentlemen, wherever you go, confidence is key. Once you show the world who is the boss, not only will you gain respect, but your self-esteem will skyrocket. The days of being in the background are no more! Tread on the sidewalk with confidence, and walk into your next business inquiry with eyes all on you. The world is your runway.

On your way to your destination, or taking a stroll, use these songs to boost your mood and have you strutting your stuff!

This instrumental by Art of Noise is nostalgic and eclectic. It’s a certified song that will have you wearing your best sexy face.

Sorry fellas! It’s time to take a step back for a few seconds! This upbeat and empowering song from Beyonce will have any women prepared to do cartwheels on the male population (including myself *wink*). Live on ladies! Who runs this mother?!

Leave it to Drake! This man will have you ready never to make new friends again, miss your ex from yesteryear, then turn around, have you confident, and ready to tread on your haters. It’s an emotional rollercoaster! But, we love him for it. Add this song to your playlist and allow it to remind you that hard work pays off.



Sarai Ashari

Sarai Thompson

What do you get when you mix youth, fashion, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson! I'm a Senior at Georgia State University ambitious and goal driven. I am a first generation Jamaican American, born in Boston, and Atlanta is my playground.