There’s A New Tote In Town!


Gentlemen! Get ready to stop the with plain and mundane briefcases that you carry to work everyday. We have a new trend that will definitely solve that issue. Don’t worry, our solution will not have you looking like ‘04 Kanye with the Louis Vuitton backpacks. We have a more professional yet creative one: The Tote! With high fashion designers like Fendi, Gucci and Prada kicking off the trend; the Tote has taken a millennial revolution for the everyday stylish gentleman. Whether you’re going from work, to home, on vacation or to that side hustle that you love so much, you can assure these designer totes will add that much needed spice to your look. It doesn’t matter if you’re into funky rocket ships, cartoon cat eyes or dope red reptiles, you can find something to look forward to when adding this piece to your wardrobe.




Will you be copping some these totes? Do you even like them at all? Let us know what are your thoughts are the new trend on Totes! Stay dapper gentlemen.


Eric Kelley

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