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They Keep It Hidden Well – These Celebrities Actually Have an MBA

They Keep It Hidden Well – These Celebrities Actually Have an MBA

Whenever you look at your favorite celebrity don’t you often wonder what it is they did before hitting the big time? Most people do and this is why it’s so interesting to learn that some celebs actually have a good business mind underneath all that glam and glitter. In fact, these four celebrities actually have a degree from a masters in business administration program so they really do have wheels spinning underneath all those good looks. Some may have studied for an MBA degree online like the highly rated program offered through Washington State University and others may have even gotten their break while working towards their degree at a local university when they were just starting out. No matter how they got that important piece of paper, the fact remains that they each have an MBA degree.

1. Kevin Costner

As one of Hollywood’s most handsome (and sexy if we might be so bold as to say so!) leading men, it really is a shocker that Kevin Costner holds an MBA. Some sources say he holds strictly a B.A. while others indicate it is an MBA from California State, but in either case, who would have ever thought that good looks, sex appeal, acting talent and good business sense could be wrapped up into one delectable package?

2. Ivanka Trump

As the daughter of billionaire and presidential hopeful, Donald R. Trump, who would expect anything different from Ivanka. Having a degree in economics from the Wharton Business School, Ms. Trump wasn’t satisfied to leave it at that. She then went on to get her MBA from a university in Pennsylvania and eventually put all that knowledge to work for her when she became Vice President to one of her father’s real estate businesses in New York City.

3. Clint Eastwood

As the former Governor of the State of California, it really is no surprise that Clint Eastwood would hold an MBA. After all, he was a governor of the largest state in the union. Not only did Clint Eastwood act in more movies than almost anyone alive, but he also managed to land the biggest part of his life! An amazing feat to be sure.

4. Kate Blanchett

As the winner of 2 (that’s right 2) Golden Globes and an Academy Award, Kate Blanchett is more than a beautiful, award winning actress. Having studied in Australia, Kate holds an MBA and all that was achieved before she got her big break on the big screen.

There are actually several more celebs that bear mentioning with their illustrious MBAs such as Lionel Richie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the famous hip hop icon P. Diddy. How interesting is it that these stars have such talent but keep their secret business acumen well hidden? No matter what their fans may think about their talent, this is one facet of their lives that few know about. Aren’t you glad that you do?


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