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Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1 by Jae Henderson #KontrolReads

Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1 by Jae Henderson #KontrolReads

If you could stop a woman from making the same mistakes you did would you—whether it be in love, friendships, profession, finances, or health. In “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1”  Jae Henderson has crafted six short inspirational stories designed to educate women on the importance of carefully considering your options when traveling through this  journey we call life.  Each character allows you to peek into their lives and experience the joys and the pains of love, sex, success, family, and more. These stories could be described as fables for adults. Just like the ones you read as children, except with adult content and real drama. You are invited to learn the moral of each story that will surely nourish the spirit and strengthen the soul.

You Are Beautiful

Take Care of Those You Love

Sex Is More Than Just Sex

Mentorship is Mandatory

Success Is the Best Revenge

You Reap What You Sow

Each story is firmly rooted in Biblical principles and is jam packed with exciting life-altering situations and life-applicable teachings. Once again, demonstrating that God is good. He may not always keep you from falling, but He can arrange for you to make a soft landing. Be inspired today!

Get to know Jae:


After releasing three full-length novels what made you decide to write a book of short stories.

I was writing short stories before I began writing novels. I was actually going to release them first but after sharing that with a fellow author and receiving her feedback, I decided not to. It seemed best to let readers get to know me through longer works before I introduced them to my shorter works.  

How many short stories does it contain?

It contains a total of six short stories. Six of them have been previously released individually and three of them are new.

Who should read this book?

Every woman over the age of 13 should read this book. It is full of great anecdotal stories that women can relate to and learn from. Women of every age group and every walk of life can take something of value away from each one.

You said three of the stories have already been released what kind of feedback did you get from those?

It has been amazing! I received tons of positive feedback after releasing the first story,” You are Beautiful” but one in particular stands out in my mind. I had a mother who read it and recommended it to her teenage daughter who was struggling with her self-image and self-esteem  because she wasn’t as physically developed as some of her peers. They both loved it! It also helped her daughter learn how to ignore the mean comments of other kids and realize that she is beautiful just the way God made her. They actually called me, and I wanted to cry because that is exactly why I wrote it. I wanted to tell people to stop comparing themselves to the media’s standards of beauty and use their own standards. We all have some part of our body we don’t like but that doesn’t make us inferior. Every woman is beautiful. We are God’s greatest creation.

I had one reader tell me that “Sex is More Than Just Sex” was ( I am paraphrasing here) the new age version of Dr. Juanita Bynum’s “No More Sheets”. She enjoyed my candid portrayal of sex–the good, the bad, and the ugly—and what can happen when indulging in casual sex. She said she didn’t want it to end and asked me to consider making it a novel.  I love Dr. Bynum so that was a HUGE compliment for me.

I know I’ve written a good story when people tell me that they don’t want it to end. I can’t wait for people to read the other three and tell me what they think of those as well.

You have launched your ebook with the theme Love Thyself. What is that about?

My books typically come out in February, which is the month that includes Valentine’s Day. I wanted to remind women that they should always love themselves. Relationships with someone wonderful are great but you are your most precious commodity and we should each make sure that we are treating ourselves well.  One good way to do that is by arming ourselves with knowledge that can help us escape many of the common pitfalls of life. I believe that reading my books is a great way to assist with that. So love thyself by reading “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 1”.

What’s next?

I am still working on a couple of new novels. Although, I have no idea when they will be released just yet. I’m also working on “Things Every Good Woman Should Know, Volume 2”. I’ve been submitting my short stories for other compilations by other authors and publishing companies as well. In the coming months, I really want to branch out and expand my readership.

What do you want people to know about you?

I’m a woman of God who loves to write to encourage and inspire others within entertaining tales.

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