Things Not to Text Your New Crush

The ‘getting to know each other’ stage in a relationship can be hard, especially with  all the new technology innovations. Knowing when and when not to say something is hard to find out, and knowing when and what to say over text is much harder. Now that texting is one of people’s first source of communication, it is important that we know how to text effectively. Plus we don’t want to scare anyone off by a few little words.

Even though texting your crush is much easier than calling your crush, it is easy to make a couple mistakes through a text messages.  Text messages can easily be taken the wrong way and misinterpreted. So here are some things to steer clear from when texting your admirer.

Talking about a serious adversity you been faced with
Texting someone about a hardship your going through can be quite awkward for the other party. Since there is no proper way to console somebody through text, your crush might find it quite difficult, when coming up with the right words to say to you. So keep those discussions for in person.

Texting something suspicious
Okay if you are going to text your crush something make sure its nothing that might be difficult to explain to them, because you might not receive a text back. Like if you tell him you’re hanging out with a guy, he might think you are being sneaky. So it’s best to be short and simple. He doesn’t need to know everything!

Getting in an argument
If you find a discussion getting heated, it might be better to pick up the phone and talk things out. Like I said before, something that you write can easily be taken out of context, so save yourself the misery and call your crush.

Announcing a pregnancy scare
I know you weren’t expecting things to turn out that way, but the worst way of handling this situation is through text message. A ton of emotions are flowing when hearing something like this, so you might not like the response you get back.

Your feelings about the relationship
Are you confused about where your relationship is headed? If you are not liking something about your current relationship status, or need some clarity, I don’t think you will find the answer through a text message. Text messages like that, usually result in paragraph explanations and all those words can be quite overwhelming.

Drunk texting
This is probably the worst thing you could ever do when it comes to texting. Chances are, you are going to probably text something that you are going to regret in the morning. My tip of advice for you is, turning off your phone before deciding to “turn up!”

Sending an explicit picture
Now you are still getting to know this guy, and sometimes too much can be way too soon. It could turn him off, and he can lose respect for you. Also those pictures of you naked on the bathroom counter, can end up in the wrong person’s hands. Leave some imagination ladies!

Revealing that you want to see other people
Okay that is just rude and weak! If you aren’t feeling him you should give him a call and explain how you feel, but don’t break things off via text message. Don’t be a coward.


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