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Third Time’s The Charm; Terri J. Vaughn Welcomes Baby #3!

Third Time’s The Charm; Terri J. Vaughn Welcomes Baby #3!

Terri J. Vaughn is better than ever, and this time around she is showing a little more skin—exclusively for Kontrol Magazine! With over twenty years in the entertainment industry, dozens of roles, and countless appearances this amazing actress seems to have a knack for being great at everything. Thus, it is no surprise she decided to give motherhood another round with her third child, and only daughter, Lola, on her way to the world. Naturally she is thrilled, but wonders just what her only daughter will have in store for her. Interestingly, Terri is still on her grind and ready to work as soon as her latest bundle of joy makes her debut. “…E-mails, text messages, phone calls…I’m still involved just remotely right now…”

Terri J Vaughn by Kontrol Magazine
Terri J Vaughn by Kontrol Magazine

As a child of the nineties, sometimes it is hard to imagine Terri as a wife and mother. Those of us who remember her as “Lovita Alize Jenkins” instantly think party girl, keeping it real, and twenty four hours of fun. The truth is, Terri is still all those things; and when you see her with her beautiful family you immediately realize being a wife and mother were just two more roles she was meant to play. She is just as dynamic a wife and mother as she is any of the many characters she has brought to life on screen! “…I’m still me…I still like to have fun and work, the baby is only making me slow down for the time being…I’m very excited though…I already have two wonderful boys and now I’m going to have a little princess…”

Most people do not realize just how hard it is for Terri to slow down. She, better than most, knows the grind and hustle must go on! However, she realizes having a child in her forties can have some major issues and has made her health her top priority. Women in her age range have higher rates of structural problems in their eggs called chromosomal abnormalities. These chromosomal abnormalities in can raise the risk of miscarriages and birth defects. Thankfully, Terri has not experienced any of these issues and will be delivering a healthy baby girl. This is not surprising, especially since she is in great physical shape. She works out constantly and has the body and appearance of a woman half her age. The intensity of her exercises is something she has had to reduce. Currently in the final weeks of her third trimester she opts to walk on a treadmill daily. “I was well aware of the issues many women my age can face with pregnancy… I’m blessed not to be dealing with any of those issues…I believe a lot of the reason my pregnancy has been relatively problem free is because I’ve always taken care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually…I meditate and pray, I eat healthy foods, and I read my Bible daily…I’ve been doing this all my life and it just goes to show how you take care of yourself in your youth affects you in the long run!” Still her pregnancy does have some quirkiness to it. She admits to craving apples and peanut butter nightly!


Recently Kontrol Magazine was privileged to have Terri pose nude and pregnant with us for a special digital cover. As aforementioned, she is late in her pregnancy. Whereas many women would have turned down the opportunity, she spectacularly arose to the challenge. However, she does admit she was not entirely comfortable at first. “I was nervous! As free and open as I am I was nervous about doing it, but I trust Julian [Editor-In-Chief of Kontrol Magazine]….there’s a friendship and professionalism there that compels me to be there for him anytime he needs me…He did it [the photo shoot]quick and got me done! I was so happy to work with him…” As you can see the pictures are flawless and show just how truly beautiful Terry J. Vaughn really is. Whether she is working a Red Carpet, filming a scene, or just relaxing at home this wonderful lady has it all. Soon her daughter will too. After all “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!”

UPDATE: Terri gave birth to beautiful baby, Lola Riley, on October 9th, 2014. Both mother and daughter are well; with the latter being the object of her father and older brothers’ constant affection. Welcome to the world Lola, with a mom like Terri, we just know the world will love the lady you grow up to be!


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