“This Blackness is Mine”

Courtesy of Takia Ross









What if we accepted our Blackness? Why do we feel we have to explain our Blackness to others? Why is the validation of being black necessary?

These were all questions that Takia Ross, owner, and lead makeup artist, of Accessmatized, asked herself while penning her riveting and eye-opening poem “Little Black Girl.” Penning this poem, helped to drive the point that there is beauty in just being black. Validation is not necessary. I AM BLACK! I AM A WOMAN! Period!


Courtesy of Takia Ross


I can remember a little Black Girl whose smile was bright as the eye could see.

A little Black Girl whose very spirit was what all little girls wanted theirs’ to be.
…whose innocence and intelligence was commended by all around.
A little Black girl with wince joy and laughter abound.
I can remember a little black girl who didn’t want to be black
For Her blackness was the reason why friendships she lacked.
For black is the color of darkness and all things that cause such a fright.
Black conjures images of ghosts and goblins; from which no good things come in sight.
Black is what people yell with hatred on their face.
Black is often the scene of a cold and lonely place.
I can remember a little Black Girl who was afraid to be Black.
A little Black Girl who cried when she realized her blackness was why friendships she lacked.
I can remember a little Black Girl who wanted her blackness to go away.
A little Black Girl who figured the absence of Blackness would make all good things stay.
I can remember a little Black Girl whose Blackness she was determined to find:
And, as I found my Black Beauty, I’m not afraid to call its Blackness mine.

This poem birthed the idea of “Blackness” which is a three-part series that takes the beauty of the woman and presents the image through queenly makeup and interpretation. This proves that we are beautiful and unique even with blackest skin.

Courtesy of Takia Ross

“I’m a woman, Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” – Maya Angelou




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