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Three Rap Songs You Like (But Wish You Didn’t)

Three Rap Songs You Like (But Wish You Didn’t)

By Tiara Shae: Twitter- @TiaraShaeH | Instagram- @TiaraShae guilty-pleasure1-610x6061

Today’s hip hop and rap music comes in so many different styles. However, the most popular songs on the charts are some tracks that you would be afraid to let your mom know you love deep down in your soul. Here are a tiny few of those tracks that you love but may wish you didn’t.

Lifestyle by Rich Gang

Why You Like It: The beat is smooth and reminds you of an old school Cali track. You also like it because the chorus showcases how hard work and perseverance can result into living the life you have always wanted.

Why You Wish You Didn’t Like It: The execution of the verses makes you cringe. Young Thug mumbles and whines through his bars and you can barely understand what he’s saying. What you can understand is some of the raunchiest lines possible.

Anaconda by Nicki Minaj


Why You Like It: It’s Nicki Minaj! She is a monster in the entertainment game and she has every reason to be. You like this song because she raps cleverly (like always), and her melody is animated and fresh. You also like this song because it samples the 90s booty hit, “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot focusing on the most popular line “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!”.

Why You Wish You Didn’t: Nicki is not afraid to get mega raunchy on a track! This song has several foul, sexual puns that you might not have the heart to repeat. You can’t help it, though! She spits those sexy lines so cleverly, you can’t help but just let you inner freak let it flow out of your mouth!

Visit Complex.com to hear the track. 

No Flex Zone by Rae Sremmurd – Play Here


Why You Like It: Mike Will produced this addictive track. You get sucked in immediately by the humming bass in the beginning. The main reason you like this song is because you can help it. The beat simple, but dope. The rappers melody is so cool but in your face. Once you hear the famous chant, “NO FLEX ZONE, THEY KNOOW BETTER” you’re in for the long haul.

Why You Wish You Didn’t Like It: The chant is annoying and brain sticking! The rapper, Swae Lee, that starts off the song sounds like your little brother who hasn’t hit puberty, spitting lines like “Got an airtight schedule, f***ed your b****, just met her”. You don’t want to like this song because the guy sounds too young to rap such hard lines. You would like to believe that teens rapped to teens appropriately but it’s a new day and age.

We know these are just a little glimpse of songs you like but really wish you didn’t. Tell us what songs are your guilty pleasures?


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