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TIE PATTERN – Paisley!

The tie is a very important element of business professional wear and even more so a vital style element when it comes to your everyday style. Sometimes it acts as just an assistant to help give a pop of color and other times it works as an equalizer to help tie your color pallet together and bring synergy of your look! The tie can be dual purposed! It is an accessory and also a article of clothing that helps create a foundation to your look!

Ties patterns come in all kinds of colors and prints. Each print gives your look a certain professional, high fashion or casual feel. some of them can be versatile enough for multiple feels.

tit tieIf you are a person who likes to put different colors together and contrast of color while insuring it all makes sense then today’s tie print of the day, Paisley, is for you!

Paisley printed tires are often made of 2 to 3 different colors. Some of the color distinctions are blatant and others are subtle, but either way they help to bring various colors together to co-exist!


Pasiley for some can be a little much for their conservative style, but for those not afraid to venture out a little it is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and assistant to your next look!


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