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Me Time: 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Me Time: 5 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Saweetie in the “Icy Girl” music video (Photo: Instagram/saweetie)

As much as we love having company over for dinner, going on group vacays and hitting up concerts with your favorite shower singers who knows all the words, sometimes it’s nice to just have time to yourself.

No, it’s not selfish, and it doesn’t divide you away from others or denounce your social skills, it’s simply a way to enjoy being in your own skin and loving yourself enough to be okay, with being alone. It also gives you the time to step away from the noise of the world, and become gated in your own mind, and surround yourself with whatever makes YOU, happy.

Therefore, Kontrol is giving you a few great activities when going solo-dolo, and when you’re ready to take some time out for “me time.” Not only are these activities for your comfort and enjoyment, they also are great for your budget, which when you’re saving money, it’s always a good time.

Movie Night at the Crib

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in “Scandal” ({Photo: Step Up and Dress Up/Pinterest)

You don’t have to spend $10 on a movie ticket and over $30 on concession food alone at a movie theater, when you can bring it right to your living room. Yes, the screen may be smaller, and you may not get that extreme surround sound blaring through your speakers, but there also won’t be any yelling back at the screen, or missing parts of the movie for a bathroom break, being as you can just pause it, and pick back up where you left off.


  • Netflix or DVDs: $5-10
  • Act ll Popcorn: $4
  • Cava Red Wine: $10-17
Total: $25

Visit to an Art Museum

Beyoncé at the Pablo Picasso Museum in Paris, 2014 (Photo: Beyonce.com)

A lot of times we’re glued to our phones, analyzing the beauty we see on social media, rather than the beauty we can find around us.

One way to step out of your culture, to visit places you never been before without traveling, and explore the creative mines of many geniuses, are art museums. More than likely, most museums are free and all you’ll have to do is pay for food, and that’s if you get hungry. But all you’ll really need, is a bottle of water and a camera, because the photos, sculptures, pieces and paintings you’ll possibly see, their beauty and detail, will blow you away. Overall, it’s  a peaceful learning experience, that you don’t need a crowd to tag along to view.


  • Museum fair: $0-$25
  • Water for Walking: $1
  • Food: $10-15
Total: $35

Self Spa Treatment


A trip to the spa is a promising day of relaxation. You can get premium massages, exhilarating facials and beauty treatment all from just one sitting. But as there’s a bright side, there’s also a chance you’ll be walking out of there with around $200 less, of what you came in with.

With that being said, there’s a way for you to simply create your own day or even night spa, that’ll have you feeling as relaxed and cleansed, as going to your local and dropping a few hundos.

It’s all about creating a space of affordable, peace serenity for you, while also being comfortable. Oh, and saving money by doing your own mini medi-pedi, gotta keep them nails did.


  • Candles: 3 for $8 or $5-20
  • Face mask for facial: $3-15
  • Bubble bath: $2-8
  • Essential Oils$3-20
  • Nail Polish: $1-5
  • Music: Get that playlist going for the Free.99 using Apple Music/Spotify/Tidal
Total: $40

More Flowers to the Garden

Rihanna for Vanity Fair (Photo: Courtesy of Kathryn MacLead)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers.

Flowers can mean different things, just by how versatile in color and shape they are. For example, Pink can represent the happiness you may feel within yourself or life, like yellow which symbolizes lightheartedness and joy, or lavender for royalty, to represent the queen you are.

Maybe you just want to add to your garden, or spice up the design of your living room or centerpiece of the table. Either or, flowers are a beautiful gesture, and they can be shared in more ways than one.


Bouquet of flowers: $5-$30

Edible Arrangements: $25 and up

Total: $5 and up

Simply Love Who You Are

Gif: Pinterest

Most of the treatments I mentioned, had to do with self-care and had you spending a little money, but not too much, so the balance is still secured.

But if there’s a dominant way I could tell you all to treat yourselves, it would be to simply love and accept, who you are.

This can be done in many ways and they’re all free. For example, writing in a journal, everyday something good happens in your life, waking up and thanking God for being alive, and as you look in that mirror, you tell yourself, “You are beautiful.” Unplug from the outside world and social media, and get a peace of mind, take a walk, smile, eat your favorite foods without regret and just live, to your greatest potential.

It doesn’t cost a dime to be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your greatness.



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