Is It Time For Tamar To Give It A Rest? K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton Twitter Beef 3.0

Just went you thought things are at least on the up and up, here comes another slick comment and a slew of tweets. Yesterday, while promoting her album “Love & War” and the newest season of “Tamar and Vince” Tamar stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat it up. During the interview, Tamar was asked what she thought of K. Michelle’s recent show of support…K posted a picture on Instagram of her buying Tamar’s album.

Tamar answered:

“I really don’t talk about the people who bully me, like if you do one good gesture, does that make up for you calling me a muppet and for telling everybody I lip-sync? I don’t want to talk about her.On my third day, I sold over 100,000 copies of my album, so we’re not even in the same conversation in life.”

kmich-ig-1“Tuesday is going to be a great day for R&B. For years now we’ve been left with alot of gimmick music. All differences aside REAL MUSIC is coming back, and I’m blessed to be apart of it! I’m buying ALL four of these albums. Yes, even Tamar’s.”

To that, K. Michelle tweeted the following:




MY thing is, why does Tamar ALWAYS hide behind the word bully? She didn’t have to give that type of answer, so this is on Tamar. No matter how loud she gets, she’s LOUD and WRONG! Did she really expect for K. Michelle to sit by quietly? In Tamar’s words “She Tried It” and “Needs To Have Several” because how she acts “Ain’t Hot”

What do you think of the latest between the two singers?


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