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“Time Is Unity!” Scarlett Johansson slays as “Lucy!”

There is a new femme fatale in town and her name is Lucy! Scarlett Johansson is taking the action genre by storm once again as a femme fatale armed with nothing more than the full capacity of her brain. Lucy is an exhilarating film which combines the thrills of the action genre with psychological suspense, and even lessons in quantum physics. The story begins when Lucy is unwittingly forced to become an international drug mule hoping to capitalize on a mysterious blue substance initially believed to be an illegal substance. After being injured the chemical substance begins to leak into her body systems and super charges her brain. As the film progresses we watch the count as she gains more and more power as she is able to use higher pecentages of her brain power. What happens when she reaches 100% is nothing short of a spiritual experience.


“Lucy” is definitely the must see film of the summer! This is not because of the graphics, or action sequences, or even because of Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman; but do to the fact that it does make you think. What would happen if we could utilize that much of our brain power? What is the true essence of existence? On the grand scale of things how important is humanity on a universal scale? Deep right? Scarlett Johansson proves her acting chops once again as Lucy. She quickly switches from a cictim to a near goddess in complete and total control–and she’s believable. You completely forget she is Scarlett Johansson! All I can say is Jean Grey eat your heart out! Morgan Freeman is “Professor Norman,” the scientist whose research Lucy utilizes to understand her rapidly expanding capabilities. However, his part easily could have been played by any decent actor who could fit a white lab coat. For some reason this role is eerily reminiscent of his narration on The Science Channel’s “Through The Wormhole.”

Kandi Buruss

Besides getting to see this awesome movie, we were treated to appearances by a few of Atlanta’s local stars. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Kandi Buruss hosted the premiere event at Brookhaven’s Cine Bistro movie theater under the moniker “Lucy ATL,” on behalf of Universal Pictures. She, along with her family; Mama Joyce, Riley, Nora, and Bertha came to to show their support. However, we know Kandi rides deep and she brought her entourage of friends and celebrity friends. You might remember Don Juan, Tan, Carmon, and Kwame from her wedding show; and everyone knows Derek J,  Kirt Frost, Rasheeda, Nivea, and Toya! All and all, it was an awesome night of drinks, fun, family, friends, and “Lucy!” Check it out in theaters everywhere this Friday, July 25th!

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