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Time Well Spent is Never Wasted: Why Patience for Your Prime is Important

Time Well Spent is Never Wasted: Why Patience for Your Prime is Important

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More than once before we’ve all hit the time in our lives where we felt as if we weren’t doing enough. Everyone around you is throwing roses at your feet and expressing how proud they are of your accomplishments, but you’re the only one who feels far from your greatest potential.

It’s time to stop recycling that mindset, slow down and be grateful for everything you’ve succeeded at up until this point.

Our biggest critics become ourselves without us even realizing it. You may think everyone around you is waiting for your next move, and if you’ll top the last major blessing to come into your life, but really it’s the reflection looking right back at you in the mirror trying to figure it out themselves.

I know this all too well. At the age of 21, I feel as though I’ve personally had the gracious opportunity to experience some of the greatest moments of my life, aspirations, and places I’ve written down on my bucket list.

Here I have my parent’s telling me how proud they are, especially for the drive and ambition I carried for my age. Also, in addition to my family and friends who are telling me how much I inspire them or asking where I’ll be heading next. The thing is, I wasn’t seeing what they were, I just felt like I was doing what I loved and hoping it would bring some type of benefit to my future.

I knew I had a long way to go, but I also had to learn I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. It wasn’t worth trying to overwork myself or interfere with my self-care and do more than what I was capable to reach a point I wasn’t ready for. A lot of times we fail to step back and give ourselves credit, and truly appreciate those and the elements that are enhancing our growth around us.

Beyoncé, one of the most influential, hardworking, and greatest entertainers, if not the greatest entertainer of all time, gave her best performance of her entire 20+ year career earlier THIS year at Coachella. At 36 (which btw age doesn’t matter but it’s evident for this point in case), someone who has proved herself more than many times before through her music and artistry, got up on a stage in front of half a million people and put on the most defining show we’ve ever experienced in our lives. Chadwick Boseman, who’s starred in plenty of blockbuster films in the past, and flawlessly portrayed a few of history’s most notable figures, captured the height of his success at 40, with the release of Ryan Coogler and Marvel/Disney’s record-breaking film Black Panther. These individuals, although undeniably talented and impactful to the world of entertainment let time tell their tale, the virtue of patience, and came out even stronger than before.

Beyoncé/Photo courtesy of Coachella
Chadwick Boseman at the 90th Annual Academy Awards/ Photographed by Jeff Kravitz

However, it’s actress Taraji P.Henson’s journey to her prime that captivated me the most. Henson, at the age of 26 with a child she had in college, packed up her bags and moved to California with just $700 to her name. Her big break after a small role in the TV sitcom Smart Guy, was John Singelton’s 2001 film “Baby Boy,” which would go on to be a Black classic. Keep in mind Henson was nearly 31 at the time of the film’s release, and what we would think as still young or the “years of your prime,” Hollywood officials were telling her she was too old to pursue an acting career.

Well, they were wrong. From working in offices and waiting two years until she was finally cast, Henson is now a Golden-Globe winning, Oscar and Emmy nominated actress, starring in one of the most critically acclaimed TV series reigning since the last three years.


It doesn’t matter if it’s exactly today, next month or within the next few years where you take ahold of your dreams and make them into a reality. What does matter, is that you did it regardless of what everyone else around you are doing or have done and because you had the strength to take advantage of time.

Now I’m not saying you should wait around and hold back for anything, being as in reality time doesn’t stop. Instead, I ask you all to grow and learn into the person you want to be, and the successes you’ve been working so hard to accomplish.

Everything essentially happens when it’s supposed to; I’ve learned that too many times myself. When it’s for you then it’ll be righteously placed into your lap. Therefore, as we step into this new year know it’s okay to run at your own pace, but balance that with the energy to be in your bag and continue to put forth your best effort for the final results.


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