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Tips on How to Write a Sports Event Review

Tips on How to Write a Sports Event Review

Writing doesn’t come naturally to most people. But what if it is something you simply must master, like when it is a part of the job or studies? For example, college athletes, journalists, or other students may need to write an occasional sports event review. Here are two options on how to nail such a task. First, you may explore the free essay database at proessays.net to find inspiration or samples of the review you are about to write. Or you can read these writing tips.

Sports review

Stick to the essentials

First things first, a review should never explain the sports to readers. Chances are, your readers are already well-familiar with the sport they choose to read about. So it’s not your job to explain rules, teams’ histories, championships, etc. The only exception may be when controversies occur on the field and judges turn to uncommon decisions to solve them. Other than that, keep your review focused on what was happening during the event.

In addition, the essential information may also be the recent history of the team or athletes, such as their recent wins or losses, player replacements, management issues, etc. However, beyond that, each reviewer should stick to the event itself.

Make notes while watching

Watching a sports event you review is different from how you usually approach it. Now, it’s part of your job. Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game/competition or watch it in a friend/family circle. However, you should keep your focus on the event at all times. In addition, it’s best to listen to what commentators say, as they are usually better informed and more experienced in sports than you are.

Also, you better make notes along the event. Don’t just hope to remember things you find valuable. Your brain will be filled with emotions, excitement, and possible stress throughout the event. So, such states decrease your memory ability quite a bit. Plus, making notes will keep you focused and centered. Such work will also help you analyze what you see on the spot to make the most of the watching experience.

Also, don’t just hope to rewrite the main event moment from other reviews. Although such a possibility is there, it doesn’t mean you have to take it. Reviews are hard to keep original even when you write them from scratch yourself. Copying someone else’s observations will make your battle with plagiarism much harder.


Include first-hand quotations if possible

Finding out what athletes have to say about the game will be an absolute winner for your article. Of course, such a task is hard to achieve, depending on the scale of the event. Still, trying for an interview, visiting an after-match briefing, or finding personal contact with some players/athletes will be a big game changer for your review. Luckily, getting a personal opinion from the athletes will be easier if it’s a local match/competition.

Though, don’t get desperate when you can’t receive such a quote personally. Sure enough, some professional journalists were able to speak to athletes. They will publish their review or first notes on the match within minutes or hours after it’s over. So, look for quotes from other sources, and pick the most impressive ones. Don’t forget to cite the source where you have retrieved those.

Keep the traditional structure

As in any other writing, you better stick to the traditional paper structure. Hence, you should have a clear division between the three main sections of the review. Start with an introduction, of course. However, don’t just explain what you are about to write. When applicable, give a brief scope of the event, including a score or winners. People read such reviews for information before explanation. So, don’t keep the data from readers.

Next, follow the main body, packed with essential event moments. Fans who’ve missed the game will be appreciative of the highlights. Just keep them brief and juicy. Write things that stand out. Don’t list all incidents on the field without a clear need to do so.

Finally, end by summarizing the meaning and scope of the game one more time. Consider adding info about the upcoming events with the given team or athletes. Of course, if such a structure causes any issues, you may turn for help to huler1996 or online writing service reviews. They will help you bring order to your notes and thoughts.


Read other sports reviews

In case you don’t know much about sports or writing reviews, see the examples online. Fortunately, you can find limitless articles online on any team, sport, or event. So, consider learning more about those pieces of writing. See what familiars and differences they share among them. Next, find out what you enjoy the most in these reviews. Explore what strategies, tone, and voice writers use to keep your attention on the article. Lastly, see what you can apply to your work.

However, choose when you want to complete such a step. For example, if you have never seen a sports event review, you better start the work by reading some samples. However, if you know what they should look like, maybe wait till you are done writing yours. This way, you won’t unintentionally copy others’ ideas and approaches and stay original in your text.


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