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Tips to Look Professional During a Video Production

Tips to Look Professional During a Video Production

Nowadays, almost everyone produces video. You have to look good on the camera if you want to stand out and get more views. Spammy social media, editorial tricks, and blackhat SEO marketing can give you a slight advantage over the video-focused internet. Still, most viewers who “click off” the video will do so within the first 15 seconds.

If you want to succeed with online video, you need to know the steps to professionally look on the camera. This article outlines top tips to help you look professional during video production. These tips are from giant video companies such as Spiel Creative and will help you decide what to wear and not when you are on camera.

Wear Something in Which You Are Comfortable in.

If you are interviewed or explicitly read from a script to the camera, you may want to feel secure and natural enough to be like a pro. Like any ordinary day, some outfits can make you more confident than others. You will experience the energy in your video much more naturally and unscripted if you feel comfortable in what you wear.

This doesn’t mean that you should turn up in a jogger, but you should feel comfortable in it. If your clothes are uncomfortable, you will be thinking all the time about fixing small stuff.

Wear Something That Is Consistent with Your Brand.

Branding helps to build and maintain the reputation of your company. You should make an effort to look professional in an interview, pitch video or some inspiring ad. Match the outfit to the subject you wear. You would not wear a suit and tie for interviews in a fun park, and you would not wear a T-shirt for a conversation with the mayor.

You should usually dress up in typical broadcast apparel if you take a studio interview: shirts, ties, skirts, dresses, or pantsuits – unless this is normal in your occupation. Shoes should still be clean and polished.

Choose and Avoid Colour Schemes.

To make the right look for your video shoot, it is crucial to select the colours of your outfit. Red, blue and grey are all solid choices, but you won’t want to put together a blue or black outfit. If you choose black in your look, add some contrast to your outfit by mixing it with other colours. Another critical thing to consider is the background of your shoot when selecting your colour scheme.

You have to choose colours that oppose this background to avoid being washed out or difficult to see. Think of the silhouette you’re going to make against your background. This is particularly important if you film on a green screen because that coloured clothing will mix up directly in the background and replace your clothing with a projected image. Also, avoid choosing all-white equipment unless you are a doctor wearing a laboratory coat since it can make exposure challenging to adjust appropriately.

Avoid Patterns.

Patterns like herringbone and checks do not do well on the screen. Much like the red colour, a busy pattern will look like it is buzzing on the screen. You don’t want to have your clothes take away what you are saying; therefore, avoid these colours. Much can be fixed after production, but not this one. Keep this in mind.

Avoid Glasses and Reflective Objects.

Great lighting is essential for high-quality video shoots. However, these lights can reflect glasses and jewellery and cause distractions and glare. Talk to your videographer about ways to minimise glare when you cannot or don’t feel comfortable removing your glasses.

Select The Perfect Accessories.

You need to make choices that significantly compliments your outfit when choosing accessories. Long earrings and bracelets, especially with lighting, can have unpredictable consequences while filming, so you’ll want to choose smaller pieces that compliment your appearance without getting too much attention from your audience. You want the content you promote to be used by your viewers rather than the flashing of your accessories.

Let your sense of style know how your brand is best represented in the world.


While your character to show will most certainly decide your hair, remember that you work with bright lights and always think about the flying hair and the strange (occasionally straight-surreal) shadows cast by great hair. Both men and women should have good hair, with shorter styles more suitable for formal interviews. Tie lengthy hair in a simple to keep the hair from flying to the face of the talent. Like jewellery, the key is straightforward and tasteful.


The days had gone when men and women had to wear heavy make ups to look alive on TV. The cameras today are susceptible and usually re-create colour. Make-up is primarily a way to level out the skin tone and add a little more colour to the face.

Men should wear a light base cover with a darker shade than the usual skin colour to balance out the skin tone and reduce the luminosity on cheeks, forehead and nose. Good rashes before moving on will avoid or minimise the appearance of the shadow at five o’clock. Every face hair should be cut carefully.

Standard street make-up is all right for women. Women ought to avoid dark reds, and brown eyeshades, lip-gloss and red lipstick, as the camera tends to highlight blues in specific colours that become darker and too emphasised. Make sure you wear make-up that is not only fitting to your character but also your unique skin tone and natural colouring.

Take A Deep Breath and Experience.

Regardless of whether you’re filming with external professionals or an internal video team, you have to take a deep breath and relax at some point. Confidence that behind the camera, you won’t look bad. After all, it’s their work. Instead, let yourself relax and have fun with the experience! Let your personality shine, both in your performance and in your clothing choice. If you choose an outfit in which you feel relaxed and confident, you’re going to look fabulous no matter what.

Keep That Simple.

All said above; simplicity is your friend. There are many ways to express yourself and look great on film, and following the above tips will help you look like the professional you are.

You want to ensure that when your team is on camera, the audience are not more focused on their attires than on their content. So, avoid something too flashy. Just look professional, be confident and make a great vide


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