Today’s Pop Stars: The New Faces of Fashion

As we all may know, pop culture today is the leading trend in the world of fashion and music.  Fashion and music tie hand-and-hand effortlessly due to our favorite musicians being the faces of many popular fashion campaigns.  Internationally and globally known superstars Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus are a few of our favorite celebs changing the face of fashion.

Now when it comes to over-the-top and daring fashion numbers, Lady Gaga is the woman to spotlight.  The mother monster has always out done herself when it comes to not only her music but of course her fashion.  Teaming up with her close friend and gal-pal, Donatella Versace, the two have been collaborating for some time now on this fresh and fierce campaign.  Gaga rocking waist length platinum blonde locks captures the true essence and beauty of what a Versace woman should look like.



Now although Miley Cyrus has been receiving numbers of backlash for her infamous “twerking” and repeatedly display of her tongue, one thing the world cannot deny about the Hannah Montana star is that she certainly has talent and style.  Snatching the fashion world by storm, Cyrus revealed that she’s the new face for Marc Jacob.  Surprisingly fully clothed in the campaign, the starlet premiered a more grunge and rebellious look while still conveying the high-fashion that we all expect from Marc Jacob.  Despite her antics and what many may call “provocative” outfits, Cyrus knows her fashion and how to mix and match what others wouldn’t.



Having designed her very own signature collection of high-end threads, Rihanna is no first timer to the game of fashion.  Previously working with Balmain and its creative director, Olivier Rousteing, Rihanna and Rousteing certainly know how to produce some amazing work when it comes to embodying what Balmain is and how it’s suppose to look.






Move over supermodels of the world, todays pop stars are here to take your spot!

Rayquan Taylor