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Tonight! Beyonce Is Set To #SLAY The Country Music Awards & Country Fans Are PISSED!

Beyonce is ready to serve more tea–we mean Lemonade, and this time to a more non-traditional fan base. If you have not heard, Queen Bey is set to perform tonight at the Country Music Awards, and unsurprisingly country music fans are not happy about it! She is rumored to open the award show alongside The Dixie Chicks.

Good Morning America broke the news about Beyonce’s performance via Twitter

Angry fans’ tweets came like those bee stings usually granted from members of Bey’s fabled Stans, The BeyHive! Check out a few below.

We have to admit we are a little surprised that Beyonce is performing at The CMAs, more importantly we want to know what she is going to perform. Her Lemonade album was very pro-Black and feminist, something “country fans” are not really fond of. Have you seen Donald Trump’s numbers? Flashback to the Super Bowl earlier this year. Country fans would be in a real uproar! Still, there is nothing wrong with experiencing new music. King Bey will enlighten the masses.  All we can say is long live the queen! Beyonce slays wherever she lands and this is going to be one helluva performance! What do you guys think? Is Bey doing the most? Sound off below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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