Top 10 Must Haves for Fall 2017

Fall is upon us, and with a new season comes the new wardrobes and styles. Everyone’s style is different, but there are some items that fall within the top 10 for this upcoming season. Some of these items have already been trending. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

joggers athletic wear
Get jiggy with joggers this fall (Image:



1. Sportswear: this can be joggers made by Adidas or Nike, or just a full-blown two-piece track suit.  Although these were most popular in the 1970’s and 80’s, they’ve come back with much force.

adidas athletic wear
Athletic wear is in (Image:

2. Checkered-print: Classic flannel shirts are checkered and nothing says retro chic like a checkered blazer. Wearing a shirt of a solid color with checkered pants serves as a great combination.

Checkered Blazer (Image:
checkered pants
Checkered pants (Image:

3. The good ole Chelsea boot never fails anyone. This shoe transfers summer styles over to the fall, so there’s no need to retire this boot. Also, this shoe can be worn to just about any event, no matter if formal or informal attire is required

chelsea boot
The Chelsea boot, a go-to (Image:

4. Pinstripes: although business attire may come to mind when thinking of this pattern, it can be casually worn. Even if the pattern is on a T-shirt, it just makes the shirt look better. Not to mention it may also make the body look slimmer.

Pinstripes, anyone? (Image:

5. Doc Martin combat Boot: This boot is very bold, a statement piece to say the least. Everyone may not feel confident enough in their style to pull this one off. However, if done right, this can take your outfit to the next level. This gives off a vibe from the 1990’s.

boots doc martin
Doc Martin boot (Image: Esquire)

6. Silk shirt: A silk shirt with a deep V-neck is a sexy choice. A printed silk shirt is going to be rather trendy this fall.

silk shirt
Sexy silk shirts for the fall (Image: GQ Magazine)

7. Turtleneck shirt: Keep that neck warm with a turtleneck! Don’t just wear a dark color with it, either. Bright orange, moss green, and camel are some prospective colors.

Take it to the next level with a turtleneck (Image: GQ Magazine)

8. Anything camel-colored: Number 7 just spoke for number 8; wearing the color camel makes the outfit look sophisticated. This color also works well monochromatically. Try that Chelsea boot, fedora, or trouser in camel.

camel colored clothes
Can’t go wrong with camel (Image: GQ Magazine)

9. Corduroy: Yes, that’s right. It has come back and quite frankly, that is a good thing. Get a pair of corduroy trousers and pair it with a leather jacket. Some suggested colors are olive green and navy blue.

GQ Corduroy
Corduroy is back! (Image: GQ Magazine)

10. Trousers: As one can see, trousers are definitely in. Not only are they a go-to for a nice occasion, but they are stylish and mature. Wear your trousers with a striped shirt, leather jacket, or even a turtleneck!

Pair your trousers with anything (Image:



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