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Top 10 Trends to Spring Into

Top 10 Trends to Spring Into


A trend is a fashion or general direction in which something is changing and or developing. In today’s society, we go through many phases in fashion. The “trend” is a phase in the fashion cycle much like a fad. Trends come and go in this cycle. In the words of Heidi Klum from Lifetime’s Project Runway,” One day you’re in and the next you’re out.”

Due to the ever changing fashion world it’s hard to keep certain trends relevant, fresh, and up to date. Some trends come quickly and as vapidly as they arrive they disband; and other trends are so die hard that they transcend the cycle because they are able to always be in style. Fashion fades, and style is eternal. What’s “in fashion” isn’t going to always be, but what’s “in style” is based upon the individual and how they are able to rock what they are wearing; making it their own and making others want to own it as well. Thus the never ending fashion cycle continues to be put in motion.

Certain trends just truly never go out of style. When looking at what is trending for 2015 you notice right off of the bat trends that were in last season and even 4 or 5 seasons ago. As you look at the top ten trends to spring into, notice trends that you saw years ago that somehow made a comeback. So without further ado the top ten trends to spring into for 2015 are:

  1. Mismatched earrings. This trend has been everywhere from the runway to the household; be it on accident or on purpose. It’s just as popular as the single statement earring was a few seasons ago.
  2. It’s back! The Loewe puzzle bag is a must have this year AGAIN! Don’t hurt your back bag lady when you fall in love with this bag all over again because your going to see it with everyone, going everywhere, because this bag trend swung back in full force.
  3. Soft and smooth to the touch suede is bae again! From trench coats for the colder days to skirts on the warmer days. Vogue claimed that, “Suede is the new leather!”
  4. Prepare for lift off in your favorite platform heels because it’s being brought all the way back. Stilettos are on the back wave of this trend riding the tail of platforms for once.
  5. Bringing you live from a picnic in the park… All-American and all fashionable, gingham has been taken off the picnic table in red and white and is being put onto everything in every color. So, go get gingham for 2015!
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody is back! No, not the song, but boho chic clothing are all the rage for 2015. No more confined lines, but loose frames and flows is the way fashion goes for 2015.
  7. Lace it up, specifically with white lace. It can be worn in any weather by anyone. It can be conservative and it can be sexy. It is becoming a new staple in the fashion world.
  8. Crisp and clean, dark wash denim is back again, and it’s not a dream. Not just for casual Fridays at work, but now for every day attire in 2015.
  9. Who doesn’t remember gladiator sandals? Gladiator sandals come back in style just about around the same time every year so that’s not too surprising that they are trending yet again. Ditch the flip flops and get tied down with the ankle and or knee high, lace up gladiator sandals that are trending harder than ever for this year.
  10. Get all flared out with wide leg pants this year! They are perfect for Spring, and can be dressed up or dressed down. They are the perfect staple pants for this year.


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