Top 3 Black Owned Nail Polish Brands

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Nail polish is an accessory, another way to be expressive and as creative as you would like. Most women will intentionally pick nail polishes that match their outfits to a “T” or are flattering to their entire look. I personally enjoy trips to the nail salon, I love to explore the endless amounts of colors (sometimes it can be the hardest decision of your life). On the other hand, I feel awful for not being fully aware of how many black owned nail polish brands there are on the market. Just incase you weren’t either, I’ve got US covered!

Ginger + Liz

It was the year 2009, that two friends sat discussing all things beauty when their conversation ventured into the world of nail polish. While chatting about the lack of nude and bright polishes, vegan polishes and polishes without harmful toxins. That day, the idea of their own nail polish line was born and one year later Ginger + Liz Colour Collection was launched.


Nail Polish, Black owned, Beauty, Business, fun, trendy
Ginger + Liz- Nail Polish



Nail Polish, Ginger + Liz, Beauty, Nails, Polish, Colors, Fun, Black owned, Trendy
Ginger + Liz- Nail Polish

Lisa Nail Lacquer

Lisa Nail Lacquer is 100% vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty free. This nail polish line is chemical free and has never been tested on animals.

After being bored with the same colors & spending tons of money on bottles of polish, Lisa was over it! While pregnant with her second child, she wanted to keep up on her manicures and still feel beautiful. She wanted a polish that was cruelty free, non-toxic, and still contained vibrant colors…so she created her own.

Nails, Nail Polish, Black Owned, Trendy, Fun, Summer colors
Google Images- Lisa Nail Lacquer
Nail polish, nails, polish, trendy, summertime, fun, black owned
Nail Polish- Lisa Nail Lacquer

The Bernadette Nail Collection

Being a driving force on the fashion and beauty scene, Bernadette created a nail polish line that has been featured in almost every fashion magazine. Bernadette has a stellar resume, she has had the pleasure of working with Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Iman just to name a few.

Nail Collection, Bernadette Thompson, Nail Polish, Style, Beauty, Dope Nails, Black owned, Trendy, Nail polish
Google Images: Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection
Nail Collection, Bernadette Thompson, Nail Polish, Style, Beauty, Dope Nails, Black owned, Trendy, Nail polish
Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection

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