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Top Bags for Men Spring/Summer 2022

Top Bags for Men Spring/Summer 2022

Having the ideal bag is the same as having the right pair of shoes. Menswear is among the slowest areas of fashion to change gears. Happily enough, bags have made a noticeable presence in this and previous seasons. Everyone has their weakness, and bags happen to be mine. Bags are an essential part of a basic wardrobe. I tend to lean towards leather or canvas backpacks, as these options tend to match my personal style. However, I won’t limit your style options to my own personal taste. Effortlessness and style are the two main areas I want to emphasize with style this season. With Covid-19 restrictions rolling back everyone is more or less on the go more than ever, making ease an important thing to consider for this season’s style forecast.

The top bags for men this spring/summer season fall into three categories, envelope clutches, backpacks, and belt-bags (fanny packs).

Envelope Clutch

I’ll give you the short answer. Style done right is always sexy. Envelope clutches are great for office settings, but can also accommodate you to an after 5 pm setting. These bags are a stylish way to tuck away a few small items. Also, don’t be afraid to opt for colorful or printed styles.


Nothing can beat the simplicity of a leather backpack. My personal go-to bag is the Coach pebble leather Bleeker bag. Backpacks are the kind of bag that’s more reserved for the adventurer with their pad/notebook and a few books stowed away.

Belt-bags (Fanny Pack)

Keep it simple, is among the wisest and useful adages you’ll ever hear. That same saying sums up my feelings on the fanny-pack. These bags are stylish and more importantly accessible. Who says style and comfort can’t go together.


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