Top Celebs Shocking Fashion Moments of 2017

Seeing as we are more than half way through this year it seemed like a good idea to recap some of the moments in fashion of our favorite celebs that we all hated and loved. Let’s recap the top celebs shocking fashion moments that made 2017 great thus far.



Our top shocking celeb moment number one goes to Beyonce and with the recent passing of her birthday, it only makes sense to start with Mommy Bey! In the spirit of celebrating let’s start by recapping what she wore in her performance this year at the Grammy’s.

Beyonce’s Performance at the 2017 Grammy’s Image by Getty Images



Rihanna ranks at number 2 on our top celebs shocking moments in fashion. Well, Rih Rih it’s not like everything you do doesn’t already shock us. I mean, but you definitely did in a big way wearing this killer Gucci Bodysuit at Coachella.

Rihanna wearing Gucci Bodysuit at Coachella 2017 Image by Getty Images

Rihanna definitely didn’t play any games with this look and she definitely let us know who’s the boss in these fashion streets.

La La Anthony

La La Anthony at Met Gala 2017 Image by Getty Images

All eye was on La La this year at the Met Gala. This year La La has done nothing but shown us that she is “The” La La Anthony. She was the very essence of Black Girl Magic.

Lil’ Mama

Lil’Mama has been making a statement in a big way this year. Every time we see her we are sure to be amazed at how she looks. This year at the VMA’s she may have missed the mark. Lil’ Mama was spotted wearing a floor length red gown and toting a red birdcage with an actual bird inside. Our thoughts….Jesus be an accessory.

Lil’ Mama 2017 VMAS Image courtesy of Getty Images

Let’s make fashion great again! What are your thoughts on our favorite celebs?

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