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Top Tips for Planning a Successful Bachelor Party

Top Tips for Planning a Successful Bachelor Party

So, your best friend is getting wed and you have been given the important job of organizing his bachelor party. This party needs to be one of the most memorable events of his life, and something that will be talked about for years to come.

Feeling the pressure to organize such an important event?

Follow these tips below and everything should be just fine.

1. Choose who is coming with you

In your mind you are planning a free pass for you and your crew, where ‘what happens on tour, definitely stays on tour’. In reality though, you may be dealing with a mixed group of guys, of differing age groups and with varying opinions of acceptable levels of “fun”.

Let’s be clear, this is not your party but you are in charge of getting it just right. This means that you must ask the groom who they want to have with them on the night. It could be their dad, their uncle, their baby brother or even their boss. Whoever they are, just make sure they are invited and no one crucially important to the groom-to-be is missed out.

2. Decide where and when you are going

Vegas is the ultimate destination for a bachelor party but will be pricey

An all-inclusive, weeklong trip to Vegas may be the pinnacle of bachelor party perfection, but not all of us are blessed with big bank accounts and zero responsibilities.

Once you have a good idea of the demographics of your group you can start to plan where you are going. If time is tight and budgets are minimal, stay close to home and plan a big night out that is easy accessible and that won’t break the bank.

If you think you might be able to up the game a little, look at taking a long weekend away, somewhere within a short fly or drive so that you can spend more time partying and less time on the road or in the air. If you really want to go all out however, why not book a break overseas? From city breaks in Europe to beach resorts in Mexico, if you have the cash and the time, the world really is your oyster.

Date wise, choose one that works for all of you, and where possible avoid public holidays to help keep prices down.

3. Plan Your Time Wisely

You want this epic extravaganza to be filled with fun from sunrise to sunset. With this in mind, don’t just rely on a big night out, take some time to plan activities for the daytime hours too.

The groom is your buddy, and you should have a good idea of his likes and dislikes. Try and tie in activities that he would enjoy. Is he a sports fan? Find a game that you can all go and watch? Is he a would-be racing driver? Find a speedway track or a venue that offers karting. Is he an adrenaline junkie? Why not book up bungee jumping, skydiving or even paint-balling and watch him love every minute of it.

A warning though – don’t go too mad, as you still need to factor in logistics like transport and ticket prices, and keep your budget in mind, you don’t want to blow all your money in a single afternoon.

4. Get ready for the big night out

The most important part of the occasion

The evening entertainment that you have planned is undoubtedly the most important part of the whole event. Whether you have played it safe with a bar crawl, upped the anti with a VIP booth at a banging club or gone all out with fine cuisine and an upscale party venue, this will be your finest hour. If you want to make the occasion even more fun and memorable, consider getting the groom-to-be dressed up in fancy dress, although it may restrict which venues you can party in, as some places may have strict door policies. If you decide to go down the fancy dress route, you will find some great bachelor party costume ideas to inspire you on the Last Night of Freedom website.

Choose evening activities that suit your group, and of course, that your groom would be on side with. Throwing in the occasional stripper or drinking game can be ok (it is a bachelor party after all), but organizing something that the groom would hate should definitely be avoided.

Also, don’t leave it to chance, especially of you are going somewhere new. Do your research on entry restrictions, dress codes and door policies, and buy tickets in advance if possible.

5. Get your invites out

Now that you have planned where you are going, and what you will be going when you get there, it is time to let everybody know.

Send out your invites by email, by post or SMS, and check off the RSVP’s as they come in. As soon as you have your definitive guest list, set up a WhatsApp group, Facebook Messenger group or email circle to keep everyone up to date with your itinerary nearer the time, and to keep tabs on everyone when you get there.

Planning the perfect bachelor party for your best bud should be fun, not arduous. If you feel like it is stressing you out, hopefully the tips above will help make the process a bit clearer.






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