Which Style Are You Rocking? Kontrol’s Top 5 Braiding Hairstyles.

Braids have been in high demand this year. And, the many styles to choose from have been worn by some of our favorite celebs.

Mainstream media were all the rave about the new braided styles the “Kardashians” were wearing. But, lets be very clear braids have been and will always be from the African-American community.

Let’s not forget that  Brandy was hair goals for little black girls in the 90’s for braids. And, Alicia Keys rocked every trending style on this list in early 2000s.

IMG 0074
Alicia Keys and Brandy

So, rocking braids is nothing new.

Braids are a part of a culture that is rich, defiant, bold and flamboyant. It represents royalty, wealth and style. It has transformed with time and has continue to emerged   through every culture and community. Braids are the go-to style for hair protection, to a hair change in style or simply the go-to for natural hair. There are so many different kinds of braids and trends this year,and making the decision for our Top 5 was very difficult.

But, we were able to complete a list we know you will be satisfied with.

Are you rocking these styles below?

IMG 0071

1. Lemonade anyone?

Since the debut of Beyonce’s “Formation” video, the thigh length braids have been in high demand in every color, length and style. They can be worn straight back, in a pony-tail or everyone’s favorite, braided to one side. No matter what style you chose you definitely will rock it!

2. Faux Locs of Love

IMG 0072
Megan Good Faux Locs

There isn’t anything fake about the love for these locs. This style is perfect for those like myself who has always wanted to become a “Dread Head” but not fully dedicated to the drastic change. Faux Locs allows you to be a dread head for a short period time with so much style. And, these can be worn in goddess form, Bob Marley form or bob length. Either way this style is my favorite.

3. Go big or go home-JUMBO box braids

IMG 0068
Teyana Taylor Jumbo braids

This style goes by many names, from JUMBO to Poetic Justice braids. Regardless the name this style is quick to do and easy to maintain. Who doesn’t love an easy style all around.

4. Any one hungry for Feed-in braids?

IMG 0066
Keyshia Cole Feed-in braids

I know we are, because we’re starving. This braiding style is similar to the classic cornrows worn by men. But add a little extra length and hair jewelry, it now belongs to us girls. Feeders are everything.

5. Braided Bantu Knots

IMG 0070
Rihanna and Dej Loaf Bantu knots

This style is what I like to consider to be well rounded. It’s perfect for little girls, but gives so much style to women. Celebs like Rihanna, Blac Chyna, Dej Loaf and Teyana Taylor rock it so well.

Braids are here to stay and will be a hair trend forever, no matter whose rocking it. Braids will never fade away or go out of style.

Shanice Shantelle

Fashion Writer

Fashion writer for Kontrol. Has previously interned as a reporter for local newspaper in North Carolina. While, freelancing for 2 independent social media blogs as social marketer and writer. Shanice is continuing to perfect her writing craft and gain exposure for more opportunities within entertainment and media.