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Torrei Hart Is Redefining Hair Care

Torrei Hart Is Redefining Hair Care

Torrei Hart is the epitome of a boss.


When she’s not spending time with her two beautiful children Heaven and Hendrix, you can find her working hard to build her global empire.

Currently, she is on tour, showcasing her comedy skills across the U.S. with tour mate and fellow comedian Malik S. She’s even taking over our digital screens with her new show Southern Girls and new movies set to begin filming later this year. Not to mention, that’s she’s also navigating the beauty industry with her haircare line, Heavenly Hart.

In the midst of all her amazing projects, we sat down with Torrei to talk about her upcoming projects, her comedy tour, and Heavenly Hart.


On Who She Is

After going through a very public divorce ­— from actor and comedian Kevin Hart, it seems like Torrei can’t be mentioned in media without being paired with him. Similarly, both Kevin and Torrei are in the same line of work, acting and performing comedy. But it’s important to remember the real woman behind the fabricated tabloids and gossip-driven sites.

We asked, Torrei how she would define herself and who she is.

“I would define myself as a mother first, of course. A free-spirit. A free thinker. I am also an actress, a comedian and a beauty entrepreneur in her own right.”

In short, she would characterize herself as three things.

“A woman on-the-go, entrepreneur, and mother.”


On Self-Care

Torrei is an advocate for self-love and self-care. Not only is it important for her own well-being but she finds it equally important for her to be able to create and engage with others.

“I am a very spiritual person. I am […] in yoga at least four times a week. I do a lot of meditation. Before I do anything, when I start my day, I have to meditate and I have to pray and I have to praise God. The Creator gets all of the praise. I have to do that to get my day started. And that’s self-love because when I am filling myself up with love and giving love to The Creator, it all comes back.”

 Additionally, she pays close attention to what and who she allows in her space.

“I don’t let negative energy into my space. So, if I feel like somebody is vibrating at a low vibration or I am not vibing with that energy, I guard that. I get rid of that out of my space right away. I don’t entertain negativity. That goes from social media to people, period.”

Ultimately, she finds that taking proper care of yourself is crucial to maintaining your joy for life. She uses daily affirmations, her favorite bible verses and excerpts from Buddha and Gandhi to keep her positive energy up when she feels like she’s in need of more support.

“I guard myself in regards to energy. [..] And I don’t let that type of negative energy penetrate my space. I did a lot of self-work just to get my happy back. I have fought for my happiness for years. I am in such a place now where I just refuse to let anyone interrupt that space.”


On Growing Her Brand

Torrei is diligently working on building her brand. Her top priority is her comedy.

“Right now, my main focus is my stand-up comedy. I am actually on tour right now with another comedian by the name of Malik S. And we are on tour with our “Bald and Boujee” Tour. I am really focusing on being great and getting my material out. So, people can hear my side of the story which is awesome. It’s coming from a woman’s point of view.”

“I have a big show coming up in Atlanta which is April 12-15. That’s at the Atlanta Uptown Comedy Theater. I am actually on a show for Mother’s Day with Michael Blackson and I have a big show coming up with Katt Williams May 18 out here in L.A. at the Microsoft Theater.”

Not only is she making strides with her comedy career, she also appearing on new television shows for digital media to expand her acting résumé.

“Comedy is my number one focus as well as my acting. I just booked a big TV show that’s going to be on Amazon and I start filming that in April. So, that’s called Southern Girls and that’s with Me, Denise Richards and Vida Guerra.”

Of course, her third major focus is her hair care line, Heavenly Hart.

“My comedy, my acting and of course Heavenly Hart, my haircare line. I have an amazing team surrounding me [who are] helping me with my haircare line. My partner is Leola Anifowoshe and she’s out of Houston, Texas. She’s been in the hair care business for over 20 years.”


Image Credit: 61.mm


On Her Comedy Tour

Over the next few months, Torrei will be on tour with Malik S. for their Bald and Bougie Tour. Although her family will be featured in some her jokes, she will also be sharing so much more. From daily musings to dating, nothing is off-limits in her routine. Torrei shared with us how her tour experience has been thus far.

“It’s an amazing experience. It’s awesome to actually have people who want to come out and support. The first stop of the tour was in Ohio. We actually almost sold out the Ohio show.  So, that was super exciting because I didn’t know I had such a huge fan base in Ohio. As of recently, we sold out four shows in Baltimore. I had five shows at the Baltimore Funny Bone and I actually sold out four shows in Baltimore so that was exciting. […] I was up against Katt Williams and Mike Epps were in town the same weekend with shows so to see that I was able to hold my own against such veteran comedians was super exciting.”

 Furthermore, she’s is enjoying the opportunity to talk with her female fan bases all across the country.

“Just making people laugh and seeing so many women come out because 90% of the audience is women. And these women are excited to see me live, excited to see me preform. I would have to say that is the most exciting part. After the show, I speak to a lot of women and to hear their stories and to hear how what I have done is helping to uplift them.  It makes me more motivated and help me to keep grinding and keep going harder. It also gives me strength to keep going.”


On Performing Her Stand-Up

Many artists use their craft as a platform to heal and grow. Torrei, however, finds that when she’s on stage than an impromptu therapy session.

“It’s like this natural high. I have all of this nervous energy before and then when I step on stage you get that first joke out and then to see people laugh, it’s like a high, I have to keep it going, I have to keep them laughing even more. I’ve been through so much through in my life and I’ve healed. So, it not necessarily therapeutic for me but more so exciting.”


“Seeing people laugh it just makes me want to keep them laughing.”


“Laughter is fun. Laughter is healing. I know that I am talking about things that have happened to me in life. They’ll hear stuff about me. They will hear stuff about Kevin. They will hear stuff about the kids. […] Of course, it’s all funny. […] People do get a kick out it and seeing them laugh is what makes it funny for me.”


On Heavenly Hart

Heavenly Hart is Torrei’s pride and joy. Inspired by her daughter Heaven, Heavenly Hart encourages women of all hair types and hair concerns to love their texture. Coincidentally, the idea came to her following one of her yoga sessions.


“The idea came to me in meditation and naming it after my daughter because I had wanted to get back into product.”


“I wanted to leave a legacy for her so she was my inspiration. I also wanted to show other women as well about self-love because it comes from self-love. With my daughter being African-American […] and being a darker complexion girl, I just wanted to show her what she can do. And always to love yourself, to aspire and to want more out of life. Mainly, she’s been my inspiration to show her that moms can be a go-getter as well. I am out here hustling and that I am out here to build a name for me, for her, for Hendrix. And that women are also bosses.”

Image Credit: 61.mm


On Partnering with Nzuri

In light of creating something for women of color by women of color, she knew that working with Leola Anifowoshe would be perfect for her brand mission. Anifowoshe is the founder and CEO of Nzuri Hair Care. Torrei and Anifowoshe worked closely together to get Heavenly Hart perfect for market.

“I told her the main ingredients that I wanted which of course is coconut. I also wanted it to be paraben- free. There’s also no alcohol in my product as well. With all the ingredients that we do have and it being a natural product, it’s a little bit more expensive. [But] I would say that you are getting more bang for your buck with the product.”

The Heavenly Haircare System provides solutions to hair concerns like hair loss, slow hair growth, irritated scalp and dry hair.

A fan favorite from the line is the Heavenly Hart Crazy Hair Growth Serum. It’s designed to aid in hair growth and to deter hair loss. Its secret ingredient is Saw Palmetto extract which in some studies has shown to reduce hair loss.

Another favorite is the Heavenly Hart Medicated Scalp Hair Growth Fertilizer. It uses Tea Tree and Peppermint oils to promote scalp rejuvenation, reduce dandruff and other scalp disorders.

All of Heavenly Hart’s products are gluten-free, paraben-free and sulfate-fate. Plus, the ingredients are natural or derived from plants.


On Her Children

Torrei’s children are the light of her life. She loves sharing candid moments of her time with them as she watches them grow into who they want to be. It goes without saying, that they often offer her a new and interesting perspective on things like might otherwise go unnoticed.

She recalls a recent lunch date that she had with her daughter, Heaven.

“The other day me and my daughter went to lunch together. I had a meeting and I wanted her to meet someone. It was so funny because she didn’t understand why I was introducing her to someone so she was a little antsy about the meeting. But after the meeting, we get in the car and we start talking and she corrected me on something that I said.”

 Growing up in such a drastically different environment from her children, Torrei laughs at the irony.

“My daughter is going to a very prestigious private school She’s getting a much different education than I got with the public-school system. She inspired me to create a new joke about raising private school kids and raising rich Hollywood kids. I’m from north Philadelphia – one generation from the projects and here I have this kid that is private and is living such a totally different life.” 

Even the differences between her son and daughter are the perfect recipe for a great punchline.

“My son is in private school but for some reason, he still wants to wear a bandana and listen to rap music like he’s still in North Philly.”

Through it all, both Heaven and Hendrix motivate Torrei to continue to create new content and new ideas.

“They inspire me every day seeing their personality and inspire me to write more jokes.”


 On Words She Lives By

Torrei emphasizes the importance of protecting your space and those who come in contact with your space. Although obstacles arise in your life, she believes that you can still choose to rise and overcome a tough situation. In these times, she reminds herself to fight for her happiness.

“Fight for happiness. Fight for your happy. I choose to be happy. I always stress this to my friends and my family. They have seen me and what I’ve been through. They have seen me at my lowest and they have seen me at my highest points. […] It’s a job. If you are going through things in life, you can choose to either stay in that sad pity and wallow in pity or you can choose to fight for your happiness.”

To be brief, her life motto is simple.


“Fight for your happiness and protect your energy.”


Image Credit: 61.mm

On Her 10 Year Vision

When looking toward her future, Torrei recalls her past.


“My life is not what I thought it would be 10 years ago. Even when I was in my early 20’s, my plans for my life were nothing like I wanted 20 years ago.”


Despite many of our desires to have a glimpse into our future, the reality is that we can’t. Furthermore, we don’t have total control as to how our lives unfold.  Torrei knows that life is unpredictable and full of surprises. Instead, she walks by faith.

“I just let The Creator lead and guide my steps. I work hard every single day and in this moment because this is the only moment I have right now. I can’t predict the future. I can set myself up for success, of course. But five years ago, I didn’t know I would have haircare line. I welcome all positive steps in my life. I just continue to work hard every day and what God has for me, he will have for me. I’m just going with the flow.” 

There are a few things Torrei hopes to have accomplished over the next 10 years.

“I would like a successful acting career, a successful comedy career, and for my business to be successful. And know for sure that those things will naturally happen but I also welcome any great surprises that happen as well.”



Be the first to know about all of Torrei Hart’s upcoming shows by following her on Instagram @torreihart. And don’t forget to check out @heavenlyhart for some awesome products to nourish your hair.


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