“Tranformers 4: Age of Extinction” marks the end for who?

We all thought Michael Bay was done in the last Transformers movie. Megatron was destroyed, The Decepticons were decimated, and Earth was left in one piece–except for Chicago! Well we were all wrong! Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and the other Autobots are back to take on a new type of Decepticons–in human form–terrorists, a mysterious space fleet, and get ready for this–The Dinobots! If any human can help the Autobot cause it will definitely be Mark Wahlberg, as he replaces Shia Lebouf’s character as Optimus’ “pet human.”


This trailer shows all the reasons this movie franchise is amongst the most successful. Who does not love to see robots at war with the fate of the planet and mankind at stake? Michael Bay has said Transformers killed in previous films would stay dead, but all comic geeks know Megatron has survived “death” innumerable times. However, the most interesting element added to this film are human enemies. It will be interesting to see how The Autobots will protect humans bent on wiping them out. Finally, the addition of The Dinobots, namely “Grimlock,” is a fanboy’s wet dream! Are they there to help the Autobots or is there a new faction of Transformers at play here. We’ll find out in theaters everywhere on June 27th when man and Transformer vie for survival! Check out he amazing trailer below!


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