Trashauna Spencer: From Law to Lengths

Trashauna Spencer is here to make sure your hair is laid!

Hair has always been something special to women. Short or long, it doesn’t matter because it all takes time, maintenance and trusted hands. A stylist is held in high regard because the client is trusting them with their crown. No one is better to handle hair than someone with a passion for hair and making people feel beautiful. Trashauna Spencer is embracing her calling for hair to transform even the plainest Jane into a bombshell.

Trashauna Spencer fullTHE ROOTS

Ever since the 7th grade, Trashauna has been doing hair. She started out on her mother and brother and eventually, her hands were able to serve the tresses of others. As fun as doing hair was, her mother encouraged obtaining a higher level of education. With that, Trashauna made her way from California to Alabama. HBCU school life did not stop her passion for doing hair.

red_installationAfter graduating, her heart wasn’t really into the field of criminal justice, so she returned to her first love, hair. In any profession, education and training will be needed to perfect a craft and hair is no different. To grow further, Spencer started as an apprentice. While learning more, she continued to do hair. After obtaining the necessary hours, Spencer became a licensed stylist.

frontal_installationLike anyone starting out in business for the first time, doubt came into play. However, with the influence of her mother, friends, two celebrity stylists (Ursula Stevens and Tabitha Coffey) and faith, she was able to cast aside fear and move forward with having her own business. Spencer became so good, she was able to make six figures.


The keys to her success have been faith, skills and customer service. Each was playing a vital part and working together to create beautiful results for clients. In addition to styling hair, Spencer also has her very own hair line, The Bella B Collection. She sales bundles and closures used to create the most natural hairstyles that keep clients coming back for more. The path is endless for Trashauna Spencer. Next year, she plans on expanding with new locations and additional products.

Trashauna Spencerphotos courtesy of Spencer’s IG : @hairbybellab

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