On Trend: Monochromatic Black

So let’s face it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have definitely redefined the trend of “all black everything” and it has practically become their uniform.  I mean even baby North is often seen sporting the trend.  However, they are not the only one’s that can rock the trend and rock it well, while still being casual and practical.  After all many of us are not going to be strutting down the street decked out in Balmain! And you don’t have to…

So we turn to famous and iconic Supermodel Gisele Bunchen’s uber casual all black airport look.  I love this look because it is comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style and even sex appeal.  The key to pulling off a monochromatic black look without looking boring is selecting pieces of different fabrics and textures.   With her look we notice that she pairs her leather skinny trousers with an oversized sweater and wool cape.  The mixing of textures and fabrics make an all black look interesting and fashionable.

Check out some of my finds to recreate Gisele’s look below.


Monochromatic Black



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