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I’ve been looking to add a pair of some of the hottest pants to trend this fall season, Culottes.  Culottes are perfect because they are super flattering for most body types with its streamlined hemline and versatile shapes (all culottes are not created equal).  You can style culottes up or down.  You can wear them with heels, boots or flats.  With or without tights.  It all depends on your mood when you are styling these pants.


The key to making culottes work and to avoid looking like a trend responding fashionista without style, is to be sure to balance out your proportions.  Because culottes are billowy at the bottom, keeping your top more tailored and structured will keep your overall outfit neat and fresh.  If you decide to wear a sweater or sweatshirt, keep the fit slim.  If you have to have a bit of chunk on top, go for chunky accessories or a chunkier texture to your top.  For instance, the knitting on your sweater can be chunky opposed to wearing an oversized sweater.  This option adds a level of heaviness without risking looking like your outfit swallowed you up.


Check out the collage below for my faves.  Will you rock culottes this season? If so, how?



Culotte Trend Report

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