Trending: Bring on the Flats

I love a good and mean heel.  I mean platformed and 6 inches and up type of heels.  However, I am not the best walker in heels admittedly (I am super clumsy) and hate when I have to lose momentum during my day because my feet are killing me!

My refuge has always been flats.  With flats being super trendy, your favorite heels may have to worry about when the next time you will dust them off and pull them out of their box with the creative and ultra trendy way that designers are making flats.  Gone are the days of the basic flat.  In comes flats that you would not mind to happily wear with your favorite pant or dress.

point flats
Pointy anything now-a-days when it comes to footwear is a step in the right direction and flats are not an exception.  A pointy flat adds something more interesting to your overall look while slimming and streamlining the bottom half of your ‘fit.
embellished flats

I mean, who doesn’t like a little bit of embellishment every now and again?  These super cute flats range from being studded, having an interesting graphic, and bejeweled at the toe to add an overall playfulness to your outfit.  My favorite are the flats that are winking, they are ugly and cute at the same time and they are super eccentric.  Love it!

menswear flats
Now if you all have been following my articles here and at, you know that I love menswear inspired looks.  I love the toughness and sexiness that a menswear inspired look creates and the shoes above do all of that.  These shoes can come in a range of colors, textures, and shapes while still maintaining a masculine feel that we all look for when going for a menswear inspired look.

Androgynous anchored with class and splashes of trendy is how I would describe my style with my bottom line style category being boho-chic. I love to challenge myself with new experiences and surrounding myself with positivity. Detroit raised me and Atlanta is grooming me. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I promise you this will be good.