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Yes, you can now get brow wigs. Keep reading to learn more.

Brow wigs have recently become the newest topic of beauty trends. Like all trends and viral sensations, it started gaining traction due to a post on Instagram. However, nothing is new under the sun.

Women's Brow Wigs
Women’s wigs

First, the usage of brow wigs has been around for a while. Originally, those that were battling cancer or other illnesses that prevented hair from growing wore them. Now, they’re being used for those individuals and people that wish to try a different way to have eyebrows.

Essentially, it’s a lace front wig for your eyes. The human hair is on lace. You apply the glue to the lace and place where your eyebrows are. The brow wigs are not just limited to women, men can wear them too.

Men's Brow Wigs
Men’s wigs

The great thing about the wigs is the fact that they stay put. With makeup, you have to worry about smudges. If you get brow tattoos, they are practically permanent.

Hung Vanngo is the makeup artist that showcased the skills on the viral video. Luckily there are a few companies that sell brow wigs. The prices range from around $25 and up. There are even options for color and shapes.

Brow Wig application
Brow Wig application

Despite the viral sensation, some find the new “trend” distasteful. Keep in mind that the original purpose of the brow wigs is to help restore confidence in those with hair loss.

Regardless of how people feel, this may not be a thing for the mainstream beauty community. If you shaved off your brows in your youth and the hair has not grown back correctly, brow wigs may be an option. In any event, companies that produce the human hair eyebrow wigs are happy people are looking at their products.

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