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Super Bowl, a time to gather up the friends, buy an obnoxious amount of chips with dip, and cheer for your favorite team.

Last night, America gathered around their television screens to watch The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks fight for the coveted Super Bowl Champion title. At halftime, the teams were tied 14-14, and fans were thoroughly entertained. The 2015 Super Bowl was off to a great start (unlike the blowout that the Broncos experienced against the Seahawks last year).

Now, the teams were off the field, and the arguments were put to rest to watch pop singer Katy Perry’s anticipated halftime show performance.

Jeremy Scott was the designer off Katy’s halftime outfits. Once I found out who the designer of the outfits, I automatically knew that the outfits would be creative and “out of this world.” If you’re not aware of who Sir Scott designs, here is a taste.





Just like all big awards shows and monumental moments in television, Twitter always seems to be a reliable source for making an event HILARIOUS!

As soon as Katy Perry’s performance began, the meme’s came rolling in. Check them out for yourself below!

*Warning: If you are in a quiet office then you need to step quietly out. The memes you are about to see will give you the laugh of the day.*

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