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Trevor Jackson Covers Kontrol Homme!

Trevor Jackson Covers Kontrol Homme!

Trevor Jackson Covers Kontrol Homme
Trevor Jackson Covers Kontrol Homme

Actor, singer, dancer, and heart throb—there seems to be nothing Trevor Jackson can’t do! For nearly a decade now, this amazingly talented young man has won the hearts, minds, and admiration of millions; using his God given skills and devilishly enticing good looks. Most remember Trevor from his time on Disney Channel’s original movie, Let It Shine, SyFy’s Eureka,  and the hit series, Austin & Ally, where he played Austin Moon’s rival and Trish De la Rosa’s ex-boyfriend, Trent. “I’ve been blessed to be consistently working and I’m really appreciative of my time at Disney…I’ve had a lot of fun acting and getting to work with different people, it’s been nothing short of a great experience.”

Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme
Trevor Jackson Kontrol Homme

Whereas many child stars (including Disney ones), have faded to obscurity, Trevor continues to climb in fame and popularity, and has moved onto more mature roles. This is a feat not so easily attained by most child stars. In fact, the transition into adulthood tends to have a negative effect on their careers and viability. His most recent, major television role, occurred on ABC’s award winning drama, American Crime, as “Kevin LaCroix,” a student and basketball player caught in the middle of a scandal at a prestigious private school. There two of his teammates sexually assault another student. “It was great being a part of the show. We dealt with some really serious social issues. Getting to work alongside Regina [King] and Andre [“Andre 3000” of “Outkast”] was really cool, they’re both legends. I learned a lot from them. Regina is just amazing she has been in the industry for years and just seeing how professional she is and how she always delivers… Andre is fun and I grew up listening to his music so I really liked working with him…” Trevor’s role on the show has been critically acclaimed, compelling audiences to see him for the rising star he is.

Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme
Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme

As aforementioned Trevor is more than just an actor, he is also an amazing artist with vocals and dance skills that would put some of The Greats to shame. No, he is not a member of The Jackson Family, but he definitely moves like one! He counts Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, Gregory Hines, and Brian McKnight as some of his biggest influencers. Perhaps this is why his style is so unique and fluid, making him a superior performer! Like other artists, he draws from life experience to create music people can relate to and vibe off of. His singles have been met with rave reviews, but he has yet to release a full album. “I’m currently working on my album and plan to be releasing new music soon…I don’t want it rushed and I want it to be something everyone can enjoy and relate to…I’m all about cohesion and making an album that says something instead of just singles…” Trevor’s album stands to possibly be a game changer. With the growing distaste with most music nowadays it will be refreshing to hear from a true artist. With his skills, vocals, and willingness to collaborate with other young, rising artist, Trevor may very well be the next Usher—or better! “I just want to make great music and have fun doing it…”

Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme
Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme

They say the spoils and blessings of The Universe belong to those who take it! Trevor Jackson definitely seems determined to come out on top. We have no doubt that he is meant to be more than just another heart throb. Talent, brains, looks, and skills—the man was meant to be more than mortal. With potential this high, and charm this enigmatic, the stratosphere is where this rising star is destined to shine!

Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme
Trevor Jackson for Kontrol Homme

Written By: Michael J. Fanning

Wardrobe provided by diesel, Zara Men, IMC international, Threadz Atlanta, Kosher Footwear and Radii Footwear

Shoot by Will Sterling, Styled By Julian R Lark, Grooming By Kwame Waters & Donathan

Assisting Stylist Ashley Wilson


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