TRINA: From Diamond Princess to Dynasty 6!!

If you haven’t heard, rapper Trina celebrated her 38th Birthday this Friday!

In celebration, the Diamond Princess pulled a “Beyonce” on us all, as she dropped a surprise EP titled Dynasty 6.

Trina Dynasty 6 EP
Trina Dynasty 6 EP Cover

The seven (7) track EP is serving both bass and bars! In true Rockstarr fashion, fans are in for a special treat!  No stranger to penning her pain, there are a few records the ladies can appreciate on this new EP. If you’re looking for a follow up ladies anthem like “Shawty Say,” (released after her breakup with rapper Lil Wayne.) Or her most recent single “F**k Boy,”  produced by Rico Love, (following a messy split with French Montana.) –Skip on to Track 6, titled “No Games.” The rapper speaks to haters and former ex with lyrics:

“What did I gain? I lost everything. Got caught in this web, I’m embarrassed and shamed. All I got is my name (All I got is my name.) So I crawled out of that dark pit and I shined bright as a diamond. So when the haters wished that I fell off my faith made me keep climbing!”

Trina F Boy“How was I loving and trusting and fu*king a ni**a that ain’t being real. Why was I settling letting him play with my feelings when I kept it real?”

Who’s Bad? Ms. Trina that is! She’s managed to bounce back yet again ladies and gentlemen. From the sounds of it, looks like she’s got another one brewing for the ladies! While it’s unfortunate to see her love life unravel publicly, the music stemming from these dead relationships simply gives us LIFE!

Since her debut collab with Trick Daddy on the 1998 hit, “Nann N**ga,” Trina has surely evolved. As her career continues to blossom, she constantly challenges her musical creativity. You’ll be sure to hear such sounds on tracks like “Obsessed” and “C’mon Babe.”

Trina The Baddest

Be on the lookout as it’s said, the Miami based rapper will be dropping a full album in 2017. With much anticipation, we’re patiently waiting while marinating on this spicy new EP. In the meantime, be sure to get your daily dose of Dynasty 6! Available on iTunes now. Click here to download!

Kay Moye

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