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True Blood- “Almost Home”

Three episodes remain and “True Blood,” is “Almost Home” to its Series Finale! All our favorite characters seem to be nearing the end of the line in some way. Sookie continues to look after Bill as he deteriorates. They finally make amends after he tells her of why we initially pursued her. Their love seems to be rapidly rekindling. Elsewhere, Sarah willingly offers herself to Eric, Pam, and the Yakuza. Pam has to threaten to kill herself to keep him from finishing Sarah. He instead opts to bite her and is immediately cured of Hep-V! The Reverend arrives at Tara’s old home to find his wife and Lafayette digging up the front yard. Lettie Mae convinces the Reverend to join her on their V-induced vision to see what Tara wants. He is surprised to see her and they follow her into the house. There, Tara forces everyone to relive her fifth birthday party. Her father is a terrible drunk who destroys her party and threatens to kill her mother after he cannot find his gun. Tara has it and aims it at him, but decided to bury it in their backyard instead. The trio dig the gun up and Tara and Lettie Mae both receive closure by offering one another forgiveness.



Violet holds Wade, Adeline, and Jessica hostage and baits Jason into saving them. When the latter arrives she quickly attack and binds him. Then she prepares to torture each of them one by one with ancient torture methods. She is stopped when Hoyt arrives and shoots her through the heart! Everyone is thankful to be alive and Jessica is happy to see Hoyt again. Eric arrives to let Sookie know he will be fine and learns of Bill’s condition he promises to return to her the following night but she storms to Fangtasia and is almost killed by The Yakuza. Later, she breaks into Fangtasia’s dungeon and finds Sarah there and learns she is the cure. After returning with Bill and Jessica to cure the former. Bill, to everyone’s surprise refuses to drink Sarah’s blood!


Thank goodness someone took the psycho vampire Violet out! I was secretly hoping she and Jessica would go toe to toe. Everyone loves a cat fight right. Honestly, this episode is the first one to give us any real hope for the futures of the characters. We know Eric will now survive, Tara happily moves onto the afterlife, Lettie Mae received closure, and it looks like Hoyt and Jessica are reconnecting. However, Bill refusing that blood is stupid. It kind of reminds me of when Godric committed suicide–so unnecessary. I guess immortality is not all its cracked up to be!


Next week—> James and Jessica kiss, Bill realizes why they are so drawn to Sookie, Jason gets into a fight, Eric comes to see Sookie

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