True Blood- “Death Is Not The End”

“Death Is Not The End,” but it certainly seems like it is for everyone in Bon Temps. Sookie mourns Alcide’s death, but takes it in strides deciding to be strong and rally all her friends–human and supernatural alike–to take down the Hep-V vamps. Using Holly’s memories they learn their nest is none other than Fangtasia, Eric and Pam’s old bar in Shreveport. We learn from his flashbacks it was originally a video store before vampires “came out of the coffin,” and served as another punishment for the duo from The Vampire Authority. In the present, Pam and Eric surprisingly join with Sookie, Bill, and the others in their assault on the Hep-V vamps. Sookie serves as the link between everyone involved even convincing Jason and Jessica to put their problems to the side and join in. After nothing short of a bloody battle involving themselves, The Bon Temps mob, and The Hep-V vamps they emerge victorious with no casualties. Arlene, however, nearly dies after being fed on, and believes she is seeing Terry. Luckily, she is given vampire blood in time and coaxed back to life. She, Nicole, and Ginger are taken back to Bon Temps.


At long last a victory for the residents of Bon Temps! Who knew Sookie Stackhouse could be such a commander-in-chief. The way she rallied everyone together when no one else could only proves she is still the heart of the show. However, this “thing” between her and Bill better not happen anytime soon. I mean geez Sookie give your heart a break. Alcide is not even cold in the ground yet and it seems like she is ready to move on. Eric is going to have his final days problem filled with his angry progeny. Willa wants nothing to do with him and she has every reason to want him to stay away. Hep-V and vampire family drama are never a good fit!


Next week—> Eric and Pam tell Willa they are going after Sarah Newman, Willa requests to be released, Nicole admonishes Sam and the others for celebrating their homecoming

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