True Blood- “Fire In The Hole”

Even the mighty fall in the latest episode of “True Blood.” Pam manages to find Eric in St. Petersburg, Russia–of all places–and infected with Hepatitis V. She pleads with him to let her take care of him, but he has lost his will to live. He flashes back to his former human lover, Sylvie whom he sacrificed to the Vampire Authority to save Pam. Back in Bon Temps, makes herself “vampire bait” hoping to be kidnapped and taken to the Hep V vampires’ nest. She enlists Bill’s help much to Alcide’s chagrin. The Bon Temps mob crosses the line when they try to kill Sam and Maxine Fortenberry shoots Jessica. Violet promptly kills her and the mob dissipates. Jessica’s Hep V infection prevents her from healing from the bullet wound. Jessica’s boyfriend, James, begins to fall for Lafayette. The Hep V vampires use Holly as bait to lure more humans. Sookie’s plan goes horribly awry when she and Bill are ambushed. They are narrowly saved by Andy, Jason, Alcide, Sam, and the others. As Alcide admonishes her for being bait, he is shot dead from behind. Eric and Pam go after Sarah Newman, just as a former agent of The Vampire Authority does the same.


Eric is infected, and Alcide is dead! These are the two toughest characters on the show. If they can fall, then truly no one is safe! Let’s just note that this is the dumbest thing Sookie has ever done. She is practically crack for vampires and goes to the woods where dozens of sick vampires are hiding with just Bill as protection. Now another person is dead because of her. With the Authority agent looking for Sarah Newman again in regards to the corporation that created True Blood, perhaps they know she knows how to cure Hep V. They better get it in time before Eric and Jessica both meet the True Death.

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Next week—> The Hep V vampires and Bon Temps vampires face off, James walks out on Jessica

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