True Blood- “I Found You”

People lost…and bodies found! The world goes to Hell in a handbag on the latest episode of “True Blood.” The effects of Hep V prove to be more than viral leaders and defenders of Bon Temps realize just what they are up against. Andy does his best to take the townspeople’s minds off the tragedy at hand by asking them to rebuild Arlene’s restaurant, “Bellefleur’s.” It only proves to be the breeding ground for hate and confusion as the Bon Temps vigilantes seize control and lead a mob of townspeople to raid the supply closet at the police station. They find a surprising ally in Kenya, despite Adeline’s attempts to stop them.


Elsewhere, Sookie and the guys check out Saint Alice’s, a nearby town also raided by the Hep V vampires. They find it has been wiped clean by the sick vampires after repeated raids. They begin to wonder if Bon Temps is in for a similar fate. Jessica realizes she has been bitten by a sick vampire just as she senses Adeline is in danger. Sookie, desperate, goes to Bill for help. In Europe, Pam finally finds Eric–infected with Hep V…

Hepatitis V is proving to be the monster of monsters! No one, supernatural or human, is safe from its effects. The vampires become sick and more vicious and humans become their snacks by the score. The most important effect of it yet is now that Eric is infected. Being that he is usually the most powerful or intimidating vampire on the show watching him rot will not be fun. Poor Pam–she’s lost a child and now a father–somebody’s head is going to roll. Let us hope they discover a cure from the disease but Eric meets the True Death. We’re down to our final bites and everyone’s being fed on!

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Next week—> The mob faces off against Andy, Jason, Sam; Sam is shot, Alcide tracks Sookie to Bill’s house, Sookie drinks Bill’s blood, Holly tries a spell to free herself and the others, Sookie refuses to allow anyone else to die because of her

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