True Blood- “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

It would not be a decent season premiere of “True Blood” without a blood, gore, and the death of a major character. Sorry to tell my fellow True Blood fans Tara is DEAD! As in the she met “The True Death!” Our girl went down fighting–and in defense of her lackluster mother, Lettie Mae. She along with dozens of humans were killed in an attack by a horde of Hep V infected vampires. Anyone who was not killed was left maimed or so scared that might as well been dead! Bill, Alcide, and Sam did their best to protect the good people of Bon Temps. Needless to say they failed miserably as Arlene, Holly, and Nicole were hauled off by the attacking vampires.

Unsurprisingly, the survivors made Sookie the scapegoat of the entire situation. They, and surprisingly Alcide, overwhelmed her with their nasty thoughts forcing her to flee home alone. Elsewhere, Andy is forced to take Jessica up on her offer to protect Adelyn. Andy, Bill, Jason, and Violet go searching for the humans kidnapped by the Hep V vampires. Both duos are met by vigilante humans from Bon Temps determined to kill the Hep V vampires. Each human is escorted home by a “Hep V-negative” vampire. Nora ends up staying with Tara’s mother and stepfather, Lafayette and Jessica’s boyfriend bond over their suffering, and Alcide and Sookie face off about his negative thoughts.


Pam searches North Africa for clues to Eric’s whereabouts. Jessica manages to protect Adelyn from a Hep-V vampire and resists her urge to feed on the girl. The townspeople gather at church in the morning. Sookie is nearly overwhelmed again by their blame. This time, however, she opts to deal with her part in causing the massacre and offers her help.

Just think, ALL this happened in the season premiere! Needless to say this final season will be action packed. No one is safe! Anything with a heartbeat and blood is subject to becoming a victim of the Hep-V infected vampires. I just wonder who our next victim will be. I guess for vampires, mortality is truly terrifying.

Catch the Final Season of HBO’s “True Blood,” Sunday nights at 9 PM EST!



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