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True Blood- “Lost Cause”

True Blood- “Lost Cause”

Feeling hopeless? Drowning in despair? Then you know like everyone else in Bon Temps that some things in life are a “Lost Cause!” This definitely rang true in the latest episode of “True Blood.” It seems that death, infection, and Hepatitis V are plaguing everyone–human and supernatural! Sookie finally arrives home and finds her home without Alcide to emptier and lonelier. Luckily, Lafayette and James stop by to look after her. After sleeping for a whole day she awake to find they have decided to celebrate life rather than mourn death. Sookie reluctantly agrees to allow them at the request of Alcide’s father. The whole town is invited to the shindig–naturally it has its complications.


Willa and Pam prove to be quite different when it comes to their allegiance to their Maker (Eric). Willa demands to be released in exchange for information on Sarah Newman. Eric obliges her, learning Sarah’s sister is a vampire and her family resides in Dallas, Texas. The hunt is on they track down her sister, Amber, who happily agrees to turn Sarah over and help them kill her for her part in creating Hep-V. The Yakuza track Sarah just as quickly shooting up an entire gala and killing her parents to reach her. She is saved only when Eric decides to take revenge on them first for their part in Sylvie’s death. Back in Bon Temps, the party continues with Andy proposing to Holly, Jessica finding James and Lafayette having sex, and then having sex with Jason on her own. A typical night in Bon Temps. Bill flashbacks to the Civil War era and his unwilling participation in the war. In the present he discovers he has been infected with Hep-V as a vein grown on his chest.

Let me just say this Hepatitis V is the ultimate killer. Vampires and humans alike are dropping like flies in its wake. Dealing with Eric’s infection and now Bill’s is a hard pill to swallow. What is poor Sookie gonna do with Alcide, Eric, and Bill biting the dust? Tap into that fairy power full time I guess!


Next week—> Violet has a “surprise” for Jason and goes after Adelyn, Bill’s Heptatis V infection spreads abnormally, Sookie can still sense Bill, Eric and Pam decide to meet the Sun together

***For a more in depth episode of “Lost Cause” check out www.HeyMikeyATL.com, in “Must See TV Reviews!!!”


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