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True Blood- “Love Is To Die”

The characters of “True Blood,” namely Sookie, learn love is many things; bold, patient, and understanding. In this episode she truly learns “Love Is To Die!” Bill refuses to take Sarah’s blood much to everyone’s dismay. He choosing to die angers Jessica so much she demands he release her while Sookie slaps him twice! He does as Jessica asks but refuses to give into Sookie’s desires for him. Both women find comfort in Pam and Eric’s arms surprisingly. Later, Sookie and Jessica find Sam’s trailer packed up and learn from a letter he has left for Chicago with Nicole, hoping to give his family a chance at a better life. Sookie is further heartbroken but finds some comfort in Arlene’s advice on how to start over again. Jessica makes amends with James who is now happy with Lafayette and then leaves to speak with Hoyt. After a blowout with Bridgette, Hoyt decides to go after Jessica, ending his relationship with his girlfriend.

Bridgette calls Jason for help and tells him about Jessica, he rushes over only to be knocked out by Hoyt. Jason brings Bridgette to his house, but tells her they will not be having sex. Bill enlists Eric’s aide in making amends with Sookie who reluctantly agrees. They both realize why she is drawn to them and vice versa. Jessica tells Hoyt about their shared past and they make love, as Jason confesses his sins to Bridgette. Bridgette, in turn, assures him he is a good guy and will be a great father someday. Pam reveals to Sarah what will ultimately happen to her, while Eric finally has sex with Ginger. The Yakuza interrogate Eric about Sookie and threaten to kill Pam if he is not honest with them about her. They demand her address. Elsewhere, Bill arrives at Sookie’s home to have a relationship defining conversation with her.

This episode of True Blood was lackluster. Drawing out Bill and Sookie’s love dance has become tiring. I am, however, glad to see Hoyt and Jessica back together and that Lafayette has found love again. Jason surprised everyone with his ability to be platonic with a woman. There is hope for him yet. Next week is the Series Finale…will Bon Temps be “True To The End?”

Next Week—> Bill’s fate is revealed, the series finale is upon us…

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