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True Blood- “Thank You”

True Blood- “Thank You”

#TrueToTheEnd was an overstatement for the Series Finale of “True Blood!” Instead of “Thank You” the title should have been “Next Chapter” as all the surviving characters of the show moved on with their lives. Sookie received the shock of her life when Bill asked her to help him commit suicide. He offered her the chance to extinguish her fairy powers while simultaneously ending his suffering. She staunchly refused. Eric kills The Yakuza and their leader before they can harm Sookie and steal New Blood from him. Pam uses Sarah to vaccinate herself and refuses to turn her into a vampire. Hoyt and Jessica arrive to visit Bill. There, she tells him she accepts his decision to die and promises him she will be okay. Bill asks Hoyt if he intends to marry her, to which he quickly agrees he will. Jessica admonishes him for pushing Hoyt to marry her. He tells her he only wants to be sure she is taken care of when he is gone and he did not get to walk his human daughter down the aisle so he would like to know she is spoken for. Jessica asks him to remain upstairs while she sees if Hoyt would be willing to marry her later that day!



Jessica and Hoyt enlists Sookie and Jason’s help with their impromptu wedding, agreeing to be their maid of honor and best man. Jason talks Hoyt out of cold feet. Bill makes arrangements with Andy to live his property to him and asks that he allow Hoyt and Jessica to live there virtually rent free. Everyone marvels at how beautiful Jessica is as Bill walks her down the aisle. Sookie overhears Bill’s thoughts as his Hep-V infection has made him more human. He mentally says how much he loves and will miss her. Later, Sookie encourages Jason to be with Bridgette now that Hoyt is off the market. Sookie agrees to do as Bill asks and later that night meets him at the cemetery. She begins to form her light into a ball to destroy him until she realizes her powers are as much apart of her life as her family and friends are. He still wants to die, so she breaks the handle off a shovel, and with his help, stakes him through the heart! She leaves tearfully covered in his blood and walks off into the night. Flash forward years into the future and Sarah Newlin is a permanent prisoner at Fangtasia. Sookie and Jason are now parents, Pam and Eric own New Blood and make a fortune, and the residents of Bon Temps, human and vampire join together for a harmonious evening Thanksgiving…THE END.


This series finale definitelty could have ended better, but since this whole season has been about the reconnection of Sookie and Bill I am not surprised it ended the way it did. I am surprised, however, Sookie is the one to finish Bill off–star-crossed lovers at their worst! Still, after all the gore we have seen over the years it good to see the characters finally at peace. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin in Bon Temps. Farewell Sookie!



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