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True “Puppy Power!” Fashion & Pet Accessories Designer Hyla Frank Makes Magic!

True “Puppy Power!” Fashion & Pet Accessories Designer Hyla Frank Makes Magic!

Photo Credit: Molly Adams

Doing what you have to do, and doing what you love to do are often two very different things. So different in fact, that in some cases they might as well be worlds apart! However, for a select and distinguished few, this is not so far fetched. Instead, it’s a wonderful reality. Herein lies the world of Hyla Frank a rising fashion designer and highly sought after pet accessories designer. This amazing young woman has literally turned a hobby of customizing pillows, shirts, doggy beds, and cards into high end products and a  well reputed business with customers numbering in the thousands! “I get to do what I love to do and that is amazing to me…I know there are a lot of people who can’t really say the same…still it’s a job and have demands on me, deadlines to meet, and customers to keep happy so it’s not all play anymore…”


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The craze of Hyla Frank’s designs began when she designed a pillow for her friend, using his dog. They liked it so much that they posted it online. Soon more and more people want custom designs of their pets and Hyla’s creations, and thus her current “past time” was born! “You never know what is really going to catch on with people, but a lot of people love their pets so there’s definitely a market out there for the work.” You might falsely assume Ms. Frank’s products are rather homely, but you would be wrong. Each of her products are pet and human friendly, as well as hypoallergenic. Hyla prides herself on being hands on when it comes to purchasing her own materials and fabrics to ensure her customers are getting nothing less than quality products. “I want people to really feel like they have gotten a great product when they purchase one of my designs. A lot of times these purchases are for pets–and pets are family–or for friends, and you don’t want to give anyone anything shabby, right? [she laughs]. Besides that, most of the business is promoted through word of mouth and referrals and bad news or  news of bad business practices can spread like wildfire…”

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Thanks to word of mouth and referrals Hyla is currently working hard– and a lot– to reach the demands of her customers. “Honestly it’s just good time management. I’m in the studio everyday and have sort of a set up for how everything goes…I do the pillows in batches if that makes sense…I do Step 1 on all of them first, then Step 2, and so on until I’m finished. Ultimately it ends up with everything getting done.” She also has friends who come to help her as well, and feels thankful for them and the fact she has a large enough studio to accommodate everyone! Personally, we love Hyla’s designs. Being a dog lover, her dog pillows and doggy beds are my absolute favorite. In fact, two of my friends have purchased both aforementioned products from the company’s website. Her products have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that is easily recognizable anywhere. You can purchase your own Hyla Franks products on her website, www.hylaf.com!

In the future Hyla hopes to have her products in big retail stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, with a customer base in the millions. The sky is truly the limit for this talented and amazing lady, and we just cannot wait to purchase her latest designs for our own pets and loved ones. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @hyla_f!


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