Trump & Caitlyn Jenner Dancing at Inauguration!

The recognition that the LGBT community is one of the most powerful minority groups in the world is becoming more and more obvious. However, some of the methods to reach them are outright offensive or just plain out shenanigans.

Interestingly, Donald Trump’s advisers are suggesting he reach out to the LGBT community with a dance–with Caitlyn Jenner!

Apparently Caitlyn is all for it as she tweeted this yesterday:


We are not sure how this will show an entire community that his administration supports them, especially since the Republican party has been traditionally regressive in their views towards LGBT rights and opportunities.

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via Page Six:

“It’s a brilliant idea,” a member of the incoming administration told me.

Besides mollifying the LGBTQ community — wary of conservative Republicans in general, and of Trump in particular — dancing with Jenner could mend fences within the party.

“Time heals all wounds,” one GOPer pointed out. 

Bruce Jenner was a stalwart Republican long before the parent of six (10 if you count stepkids) transitioned into Caitlyn.

“The image of Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” the Republican said. “A picture is worth a thousand tweets.”

Jenner’s publicist said, “Can’t deal in hypotheticals. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

We know Caitlyn is a serious Republican, much to many in the community’s chagrin, but this all seems to be a bit much. Trump’s administration is already grasping at straws. Caitlyn’s neigh-sayers have definitely made their disdain for her apparent calling her everything, including a sellout.




We have to agree with her opponents. Caitlyn is NOT the right person to be speaking for, or representing, the LGBT community. Maybe she is trying to be a “bridge” like Chrisette Michele, who is performing at the inauguration. All we have to say to both of them is “#GirlBye!”

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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