Try A Foam Cleanser

Looking for a more gentle way to clean your skin? Try a foam cleanser!


At first, the thought of using a foam to clean your face seems strange. How can it get your skin clean if you cannot work it into a good lather? But, it does work.

FoamYou can use the foam cleanser alone to clean your face. Like always, the steps to a clean face will be practically the same. You wet your face, pump one or two times for the cleanser, apply to face and work the product in. Once finished, rinse with water and apply a moisturizer. This is a great option for those that like to use their hands and still get a good cleaning.

NEOGEN foam cleanerFoam Cleanser is also a great second step, if you use the double cleanse method. First, you use an oil based cleaner to remove oil and make up and then you follow up with the foam to remove additional impurities from the skin.

Simple foam cleanserIf you have dry or sensitive skin, it is recommended that you not use a foam cleaner. However, if you have oily skin and/or acne prone skin, the foam cleaner is a good option to try. Like always, read the package to see if the foam cleanser is the right one for you.

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