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As Straight Outta Compton continues to take over the box office and win over new fans, so does a new up-and -coming  actor, Marcc Rose. Rose had a small role in the film, but in a gigantic way. Rose makes a cameo as the late music legend, Tupac Shakur. He won the role because if you saw Rose on the street and didn’t trust a second hard look, you’d swear he was the late star! Though he is only seen in the film for a half of a nanosecond, his portrayal and likeness of Tupac has resonated with the heavy hitters of Hollywood Elite and it seems that all is proclaiming Marcc Rose as the ONLY actor right to play the Icon, and if the fandom buzz isn’t enough, Rose has some major power play on his side in the form of Director, John Singleton. It is recently reported that Rose stated to Yahoo! Studios that “SOC”director, John Singleton’s passion project “an unentitled Tupac film) could find him once again donning the backwards bandana and “THUGLIFE” tattoo. Rose had this to say,

“Me and director, John [Singleton] are trying to brainstorm and form together a proper biopic for him. Hopefully if everything works out we can make it work.”

-Marcc Rose (from Yahoo! Studios)

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Rose went on to explain that he was actually originally attached to the original Tupac film of yester years when the film was trying to be made, and I can see why, his likeness is only half the portion; he has a quick wit and reads beautifully; he’s the real deal of an actor! if you are psyched at the possibility of this young star starring in a Tupac biopic then you may be in luck. Thanks to the success of SOC, a Tupac film seems right and Rose believes that with said success, we can expect an announcement soon, but nothing is certain. I for one would love to see this play out in his favor. It seems the only hurdle to cross over now is the legal work to produce the film. the original owners of Tupac has until the end of the year to produce evidence of working on a project about the star before the rights return to the late rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, and she’s #TeamSingleton! What do you guys think, are you excited about Tupac possibly getting the big screen treatment, and also what other late or great stars do you think should also get the Hollywood treatment?


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