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TV Friendships That Showed Us True Brother and Sisterhood

TV Friendships That Showed Us True Brother and Sisterhood

Jill Marie Jones, Persia White, Tracee Ellis Ross and Golden Brooks on the set of TV series ‘Girlfriends’

Everyone admires having friends who they can trust and depend on through any situation, thick or thin.

Those who’ve known you since elementary school when you would share your crayons with them, keep who you were crushing on a secret or bringing snacks from the food pantry at home just to trade out. And the blessing in keeping those friendships from the times of your childhood, transitioning into your young adult years and helping you through the ropes, encouraging you and always having your back ignites the progression into becoming your best self.

Kontrol is admiring some of the best on-screen friendship we’ve witnessed in TV series history, and the qualities that implemented a sense of true brother and sisterhood.

Dwayne Wayne and Ron Johnson ‘A Different World’

Photo: Kadeem Hardison and Daryl M.Bell in ‘A Different World’

The O.G. bromance that graced our TV screens. Dwayne and Ron were complete opposites if we’re talking, intellectually. But their sense of humor and goofball, ladies man mystique was something they shared all too well. Dwayne was more focused on his studies, more of the commitment type and considered feelings other than his own, as Ron was more of the “one is never enough” type, the go-getter of many moves rather there was a plan or not. But these two balanced each other out, they weren’t afraid to check one another on account of the dumb decisions they would make, knowing that they both hadn’t completed matured yet. From being roommates, to eventually breaking away from one another to pursue the dreams of an ambitious man or for the sake of love, these two needed each other to become the best man. Also being the best of buds off-screen could be a factor of this strong brotherhood and for the record, best-dressed duo.

‘Living Single’ Squad


Terrence C. Carson, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, Queen Latifah, Kim Coles and John Henton in a promo shot for TV series, ‘Living Single’

The original ‘Friends’ if y’all ain’t already know. No tea, no shade, because I watched both myself. But just facts of where the inspiration came from.

There’s nothing better than having a solid group of friends who you can count on regardless, and having them right there under the same roof whenever you need them was a plus.

Khadijah, the very laid-back, big sister of the group and an editor for an urban magazine, Synclaire, Khadijah’s cousin who was very bright, figuratively and literally, more so the light to brighten your day, but also a clueless wonder, Maxine, the ever so bold, head-strong, clap back queen and sophisticated lawyer and last but certainly not least and she made you know of it, Regina, one of our prime examples of “bad and bougie” and sis wig game, was on point. All these successful black women were the force of empowerment within each other that encouraged the pull to do better and be better and maintaining their different personalities in professional and personal relationship manners.

Then we had Overton and Kyle a floor above, the love interests of Synclaire and Maxine. Aside from the guys the woman took a dab at dating here and there, they knew they could all count on Overton and Kyle more as brotherly figures, already sort of implementing future in-laws in hopes that the on and off again sly and confused couples would eventually make things work.

Gina and Pam ‘Martin’

Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold in the TV series ‘Martin’

We loved Pam and Gina’s individuality and independent black woman characteristics that built into their sister-like friendship. Yeah, Pam absolutely couldn’t stand Martin, but for Gina’s sake, she tolerated him and his “big ole ears” way too many times despite the jabs and insults to her. But because Gina was her girl and their friendship was more than solid, Pam would do anything for her best friend and Gina would do the same. Plus, it wasn’t like Pam wasn’t taking the insults with a strong suit because the good sis stayed strap with clap backs for Martin on any level. What strengthened these two on-screen relationship, was the fact that hey literally came from the ground up of their career together. As real-life roommates before their debut as the same on ‘Martin,’ the two also starred in ‘Little Shop of Horror’ together in which their friendship first started to brew. They even reunited in ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ sharing a love-hate relationship, but that didn’t stop the still lasting friendship of both successful black women today.

Flex Washington and Duane Odell Knox ‘One on One’

Kyla Pratt, Kelly Perine, Robert Ri’Chard, Sicily and Flex Alexander in a promo shot for TV series, ‘One on One’

From walking the same high school halls in the 80s with the metallic jumpsuits and Jheri Curls to the early 2000s, where they stayed in the same apartment complex over 15 years later, Flex and Duane were the epitome of day ones. Just like any other group of friends, we all clown each other here and there but it’s nothing more than jokes out of love and knowing each other for that long, it became a part of these two’s daily routine to roast one another.

Although Flex took shots at Duane more than the other way around in regards to his height or lack of getting or keeping a woman, he knew Duane’s loyalty was solidified enough; especially giving him the title of being the Godfather of his newly moved-in daughter, Breanna.

The thing I liked most about Flex and Duane was they weren’t ever really in competition. Yes, Flex was way cockier than Duane because he was a sports anchor and ex pro-baller, but Duane was satisfied with his job as a car salesman and although he would’ve liked to be more financially set, it was the love for what he did that overpowered any higher position.

The two may have disagreed a few times here and there, but they never let that break their two-decade brotherhood.

Raven, Eddie & Chelsea ‘That’s So Raven’

Anneliese van der Pole, Orlando Brown and Raven Symone in TV Series ‘That’s So Raven’

Imagine having a psychic best friend whose visions are almost, always wrong, and you’re in for the ride to get tangled in any situation seeing in the future could cause. Although we weren’t able to see Eddie and Chelsea’s reaction to first finding out that Raven was psychic, we know from their disguises, skipping school and the fact that they stayed in Raven’s crib, their loyalty went beyond just keeping a friend’s secret. The fact that they were all completely different may have caused some issues between their friendships as they budded heads. But Raven being the outgoing fashionista, Eddie as the laid-back jokester and Chelsea as the smart (when she wanted to be) earth lover, made this friendship grow through their high school years. I mean how many friends do you know to share a car, shutdown discriminatory saleswomen, and deal with visions all at the same damn time? Our iconic trio that is Raven Baxter, Eddie Thomas, and Chelsea Daniels.

Kim, Stevie and T ‘The Parkers’

Yvette Wilson, Dorien Wilson, Countess Vaughn, Mo’Nique, Ken Lawson and Jenna von Oy in a promo shot for TV series, ‘The Parkers’

First of all, let’s give appreciation to one of the best shows/spin-offs, birthed from the early 2000s.

Also, if we’re going to mention one iconic TV trio, we have to mention the trio that was a part of paving the way for them all.

Kim, Stevie, and T were a unique group of friends to me. There was never anything wrong with attending a community college in the first place, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. Especially how Kim, Stevie, and T showed you can have the same experience and keep long-term friends while being there. They were all attending community college under different circumstances, working toward securing their degree, and also, they somehow worked with all of their other life and love shenanigans into creating their own music group. We admired Kim’s ditzy and completely clueless personality, with T’s aspiring rap star, big brother, ladies man mantra and Stevie being the balance of keeping her friends in check; their friendship was one of our favorites to watch in the show’s five-season run. And coming from different backgrounds it felt like one big family, with Nikki’s motherly love and the continuous support they received from one another to follow their biggest dreams, relationship help and to do what’s best for them.

Notable mention: Nicole Parker and Andell Wilkerson 

They may have thrown endless shade at one another but it was always out of tough love. Nikki and Andell were our favorite aunt figures who could make us laugh one moment and give us the real the next. Andell, being more level-headed and Nikki a bit delusional at times over Professor Oglevee but a good person nonetheless, only made this sisterhood stronger as they regardlessly had each other’s back.

Joan, Toni, Mya and Lynn ‘Girlfriends’

Jill Jones, Golden Brooks, Tracee Ellis Ross, Persia White, in a promo shoot for TV series ‘Girlfriends (Paramount Television)

Paging Netflix and/or Hulu. The clock is ticking and it won’t stop until y’all decide to add this timeless sitcom to your catalog. 

‘Girlfriends’ made every Black woman and their friends feel a sense of a relative connection.

I loved how these four women grew throughout the beginning of the season until its ending, with the fact that as viewers, we could see the change in responsibility, love, and self that they may have struggled within the same or similar situations throughout an exceptionally promising eight seasons.

First, we have Joan, the den mother of the group, more than often clashing with her childhood best friend Toni, who is the chin-up one of the group, thinking she’s better than everyone else but you have to admire her confidence.

Lynn the spirited and sexually experimental one, who fears commitment but loves the connections she builds with people, and Mya, the claws of the group, but extremely hard working and a great mother and wife.

All these personalities, backgrounds and lifestyles wrapped into one collaborative friendship that had to fall its fallouts, lies, and judgments but eventually found its way back.

Thank you ‘Girlfriends’ and all of the Black TV series for showing us how to support and respect our fellow brothers and sisters, and how to love through the power of friendship.



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