Twerking Out to Get In Shape: Celebrity Driven Workout Trend

Even though twerking has been a dance for many decades, it is probably the most popular dancing trend out right now. This popular trend takes a lot of muscle use and energy to even do. Could this dance craze start a new workout routine?

Well it already has. Celebrities like Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran and Tiny aren’t only shaking their goods for fun, but they are also t-werking it out. Earlier this month all three of the ladies were seen at an Twerk Out fitness class at a LA fitness center.cmtwerk1

Christina Milian has been apart of the Twerk Out class for a while, but by looking on instagram it seems like she has let her friends in on her new secret.

The high cardio workout craze has recently caught a lot of noise, over these past few months. Back in October ‘Vixen Workout’ studio in New York, got over 1,500 signups with in weeks!

According to ABC, a member of the class claims to have lost 30 pounds in three months, after signing up for the class.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am getting tired of the pole dance class work out trend. It seems like Twerking it Out is the new and fun thing to do, when you want to get back in shape.


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